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3 Sigils by Chris Stephenson


‘Lucid Dream Ability’ by Chris Stephenson


‘Find the Others’ by Chris Stephenson


‘High Weirdness’ by Chris Stephenson



Chris Stephenson is a visual/collage artist, poet and small press publisher based in Leeds, England. He is the author of several experimental poetry collections including Revenge of The Mirror People (Stranger Press), Napoli Metro Bad Dream Sequence (Blart Books), No Ideas But In Things ( Dark Windows Press), Constellations (zimzalla). Some of his recent collage work can be found online at Angry Old Man Magazine, and five2one Magazine.

Cover Photo Credit: Kylie Supski

3 Poems from Fatal Error by Mark Amerika

Toward A Philosophy of Photography

Last night I dreamt
I was turning real life
into an autohallucinatory dream
within a dream Continue reading “3 Poems from Fatal Error by Mark Amerika”

Soon by Disgruntled Beast

‘Soon’ by Disgruntled Beast

Disgruntled Beast envisions the near future when we will finally eat the rich as the world burns around us. Continue reading “Soon by Disgruntled Beast”

Bright Blue While the Juice is Flowing by Bobbi Lurie

Bright Blue While The Juice Is Flowing

a piece of

my face Continue reading “Bright Blue While the Juice is Flowing by Bobbi Lurie”

3 Poems by Christine Strelan

Loving the Alien

Scales sliding over her heel wake her.
She springs to her feet, the snake scarpers.
The stars are molten silver chrysanthemums,

grains of light on the liquid mirrors of her eyes, widening under heavy, hominid brows. Continue reading “3 Poems by Christine Strelan”

inter by Campbell Banks

A sceptic can’t believe. It’s useful.

When it happens – a field tilting, spinning – I must steady only myself, not my worldview.

It starts with the eyes. They fix and unfocus. I am detached. Often it starts with washing dishes. Anything repetitive, hypnotic. Continue reading “inter by Campbell Banks”

bugwomb by Blake Planty (words) & dev (art)


Continue reading “bugwomb by Blake Planty (words) & dev (art)”

Porthscape by Andrew Fentham

Fentham BHP 1
‘Porthscape 1’ by Andrew Fentham

Continue reading “Porthscape by Andrew Fentham”

2 Virtual Reality Artworks by Laurie O’Neill (Willowmoon Art)

Silent Scream
‘Silent Scream’ a VR artwork by Laurie O’Neill

View “Silent Scream” in VR via Google Poly & Tilt Brush via this link. Continue reading “2 Virtual Reality Artworks by Laurie O’Neill (Willowmoon Art)”

Ways of Seeing by Elodie Barnes

Ways of Seeing

Your eyes see things upside down; it’s down to your brain to turn them the other way up. This has become known as the right way up.

My eyes see things upside down, but my brain doesn’t work like yours. Continue reading “Ways of Seeing by Elodie Barnes”

Stacked Skeletons in Church Graveyard by Elizabeth Honer (Grrlrighter)

‘Stacked Skeletons in Church Graveyard’ is based on one of Honer’s dreams. She recreated it in Tilt Brush, a Virtual Reality drawing and sculpting application that allows for 3D world building, artworks and multi-media narratives to be built & experienced in a 3D space. This work speaks to the importance of recognizing the influence of past generations. Having had several anxiety and fear-fueled dreams in a series about death during that period of time, Honer noted how this dream was strikingly different in tone. It was playful and serene. Continue reading “Stacked Skeletons in Church Graveyard by Elizabeth Honer (Grrlrighter)”

2 Poems by Jocelyn Deane

Spirit Photography
after William H.Mumler

In this photo
Abraham Lincoln lies
in superposition
over Mary Todd’s veil and Continue reading “2 Poems by Jocelyn Deane”

The Changed by Jordan Trethewey

The Changed*

“Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken
And the violence caused such silence”
ZOMBIE by The Cranberries

They sit, huddled, in an arch of floodlight crawling up from the ground, to just above their heads. The dew on the concrete foundation mingles with the fear-sweat seeping from their rigid backs, causing them to shiver in their cotton shirts. They are out there, hovering just beyond this protective ellipse of light. Continue reading “The Changed by Jordan Trethewey”

The Wise Master by Chariklia Martalas


Have we been blinded by reality?

Asked the Wise Master

The violence of a reality that sends tremors down the nerves 

To spark and catch alight.

Our eyes on fire. Continue reading “The Wise Master by Chariklia Martalas”

Planetary Realignment 1 & 2 by Grix & Shloka Shankar

Planetary Realignment 1 & 2 are collaborative works made by Grix (traditional art techniques including mixed-media on board, and photography), and Shloka Shankar (digital art & double exposures).

Continue reading “Planetary Realignment 1 & 2 by Grix & Shloka Shankar”

2 Poems by Phu-Linh Tran

No Longer Believe

What do I SE E? //

Why do I have V IS IO N /

if I no longer believe /

what my MI ND /

puts before me? // Continue reading “2 Poems by Phu-Linh Tran”

of two orders by Clark Chatlain

of two orders

something else entirely. some other thing to see. not only at night or when lost in the basements of this world but in the bright day. in the brightness of the day. to see something else among the common. to see something else even there in the light in the house in the street. something revealed. something that in the past might have inspired a new line. a new belief. to see it. so that two visions could hold me. that of the eyes and that of this other sight. whatever it might be. whatever it might have been. Continue reading “of two orders by Clark Chatlain”

Smoke by Sophie Rose


Continue reading “Smoke by Sophie Rose”

The Queer Sapphic Double Vision of Michael Field by Gabrielle Everall

The Queer Sapphic Double Vision of Michael Field.
by Gabrielle Everall

In the following I will give a reading of the embodiment theory of Merleau-Ponty to articulate the lesbian body in the work of the Victorian poet Michael Field. The aim is to show how such a reading of the female body allows lesbian possession in the double vision of the authorship of Michael Field. Continue reading “The Queer Sapphic Double Vision of Michael Field by Gabrielle Everall”

Bookstore by Roger Alsop


Continue reading “Bookstore by Roger Alsop”

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