This work is a short discussion on ‘the bookstore’. It is a place that holds only two things, the name of my bookstore. These things fill our world(s): holding, storing, distorting, illuminating our vision(s). This is universal, these things are murky and limpid, they are translated to and from every language, (but only a few are heard here), they are read and heard, understood or not, complete and nascent, grand and humble, desperate to be touched and to touch.



Dr Roger Alsop
is a composer, musician and mixed-media artist. His interests are in developing interactive and collaborative approaches that enhance the hybrid nature of modern creativity. His work has been supported by VicHealth, Regional Arts Victoria, Arts Access, Multicultural Arts Victoria, La Mama, Latrobe and Hawthorn Galleries, and the Royal Botanic Gardens.
Artworks and writing have been presented in the International Computer Music, Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society Annual, and Australasian Computer Music Conferences, International Society of Electronics Arts, CSIRO, Prague Quadrennial, Melbourne Festival.
He supervises research students and teaches Interactive Art, Research Skills, Electronic Music, and Mixed Media.

Cover Photo Credit: Kylie Supski