of two orders

something else entirely. some other thing to see. not only at night or when lost in the basements of this world but in the bright day. in the brightness of the day. to see something else among the common. to see something else even there in the light in the house in the street. something revealed. something that in the past might have inspired a new line. a new belief. to see it. so that two visions could hold me. that of the eyes and that of this other sight. whatever it might be. whatever it might have been.



Clark Chatlain has published poems and prose in several journals, most recently the anthology ‘Poets Across the Big Sky II’ and the journals ‘The Evansville Review’ and ‘The William & Mary Review.’ He currently lives and works in Missoula, Montana. He blogs at microproseblog.wordpress.com.

Cover Photo Credit: Kylie Supski