Toward A Philosophy of Photography

Last night I dreamt
I was turning real life
into an autohallucinatory dream
within a dream

Then I suddenly stirred
from both dreams
where I found you

Whenever I the machine
get around you
I experience the crushing advance
of a decisive spiritual conquest

I the machine

bound in a connective tissue
that fills the hiatus
between our discontinuities
imagining what it must look like
to be a flicker of memory
extended into imaginary light
where together
we become wedded
to an image of ourselves in unison
forever in pursuit of freedom

Totally sublime
my gesturing
toward you
is indicative of
an embedded unconscious desire
to psychosomatically process
the ancient tide rising
at intervals following
the course of the Moon
tracing a coercion
spreading inside us




What am I in the process of becoming?

A dark equilibrium

A derangement of sense data

A drop-dead mixture of subject positions

A semiotic animal mathematized into pure algae
or algebraic contortions inside the amniotic sea

A processual media body
experiencing an abstract form of actualization
never fully realized

A digital flux persona
gluttonous yet not prepared
to compromise their glutinous max

A psychic automaton
a fatalistic phenomonology
teetering at the cliff edge of the world

An operational presence backslash
unconscious readiness potential backslash
ideogrammic-experiental subtext
wearing its unreadability
on its foreshortened sleeve

A beautifully rendered neuroplasticity
destined for performance immortality
if only I could breath

An aerodynamic THING
exhibiting priapic agency
while feigning urgency
or at last an embodied otherness
whose deep fake impersonation
of my old bad self
mimics a young dumb and full of cum
studly persona —
one that resists resisting itself
(while resisting itself)

A self-driving narrative vehicle
in love with randomly generated artifacts
or what we sometimes refer to as
a condensation of polysemous intertextuality
cannabilizing the network discourse

In other words
I’m slow drifting
into a hypnagogic hallucination
processing generic anonymity
powered by an enlightened shareware



Fluid Transmission

What does it mean
to be an erotic shaman
dressed in metalinguistic drag
wearing down the oscillating punctum
from which all embodied thought
disabuses itself of itself?

What does it mean
to ritualistically assassinate
“regimes of truth”
intoxicated by drifting
global dementia
executed by A.I. Gods
denoting the final detonation?

What does it mean
to “Go Nuclear”
on our own minds
disappearing fast
while the affluence machine
floods our anecdotal auras
with murky semiocapitalism
to drown our slippery motives in?

Is that toxic sludge
mudsliding into our eyeballs
part of some extraterrestrial
pharmacological ritual
transmitted from a future
form of humanity
where watery children
steeled with ancient wisdom
develop telepathic
alphabets disguised as
purely intellectual
very low frequencies
that only early 21st century
immersed in consciousness of guilt
can translate into
painful decipherment?

Who else to turn to but
Mother Neoliberalism
that heartbeat accelerationism
with the smoky eye of
the obscene Anthropocene
turning tricks
for the psychically impaired
whose polluted intestines
treat the world like shit?

This is not a call
to resist the avaricious
money junk machine
powering the End Times
as much as it is
a quest toward
the opposite of redemption
forfeiting algebriac tendencies
alchemically remixed
into electrocuted verbum
honoring the vanquished





These three poems by Mark Amerika are part a larger collection of poems titled FATAL ERROR. FATAL ERROR is hybrid digital fiction / speculative AI featuring an animated 3D avatar referred to as the ACI (Artificial Creative Intelligence). The ACI avatar is being conceived as an operational presence that doubles as a literary presence modeled after the artist’s own vocal intonations, expressive facial gestures, and poetic sense of measure.

Comprised of a series of 3D performance captures, FATAL ERROR is being developed as an infinitely playable “spoken word philosopher-poet” that auto-remixes the artist’s spoken word poems and theoretical riffs on the creative process, machine-learned modes of authorship, and what it means to train oneself to evolve a unique stylistic tendency as an embodied, auto-affective performer. As a literary investigation into future forms of AI, FATAL ERROR will leverage the data collected in these performance captures, along with other examples of the artist’s writing, to explore the incorporation of sentiment analysis, real-time voice cloning and advanced AI language models to create a deep fake of the artist as an artificial creative intelligence experiencing pure psychic automatism.

Cover Photo Credit: Kylie Supski