‘Stacked Skeletons in Church Graveyard’ is based on one of Honer’s dreams. She recreated it in Tilt Brush, a Virtual Reality drawing and sculpting application that allows for 3D world building, artworks and multi-media narratives to be built & experienced in a 3D space. This work speaks to the importance of recognizing the influence of past generations. Having had several anxiety and fear-fueled dreams in a series about death during that period of time, Honer noted how this dream was strikingly different in tone. It was playful and serene.

The capacity to build physical dreamscapes in VR is an powerful motivator for Honer, who is fascinated by the visual language of the dreaming mind. VR art also gives Honer the capacity to present her dreams as an experience for others to visit in an immersive way, which is an remarkably different method opposed to writing dreams down or describing them.



Stacked Skeletons

View the artwork in VR via Google Poly & Tilt Brush through this link

On Google Poly, please note you can navigate, resize and look at it from any angle by pressing on the main window and scrolling or moving with your mouse, or pinch/scroll motions on touchscreens.

If you have access to a VR Headset, you can use Tilt Brush to open and investigate the artwork in VR. Simply log into Google Poly with your account, and press the heart/like icon underneath the Stacked Skeletons in Church Graveyard artwork, and then open it as a liked sketch in Tilt Brush.



Elizabeth Honer AUTHOR PHOTO

Elizabeth Honer is a VR artist and animator, and explorer of dreams. She is particularly interested in how our collective subconscious can help us find solutions to the myriad issues we face in our waking world. She lives in the New York City area with her wonderful wife and their bird.

Cover Photo Credit: Kylie Supski