Cat's Kaleidoscope I
‘Cat’s Kaleidoscope I’ by Lizzie Turner

Cat's Kaleidoscope II
“Cat’s Kaleidoscope II” by Lizzie Turner
The two paper collages (I and II) form one work, a visual poem, called ‘Cat’s Kaleidoscope’, and were made in 2019. They were made using text printed onto paper, which was reflected in mirrors, then photographed, re-printed, cut up, and finally rearranged.
The work is based on some of the more-or-less-universal themes found in children’s games and oral traditions – themes which are often very dark. When spoken aloud these images and rhymes sound like incantations. Reflected in mirrors, then broken up and pieced back together, the meanings turn inside-out and become confused. They represent the constant closeness of death in children’s play, and they act as a multi-possibility poem which can be read whichever way the page is turned.



Lizzy Turner is a poet and artist based in London. Her work has appeared in various places online and in print. She is the editor of ‘a poem a week’ podcast.

Cover Photo Credit: Kylie Supski