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Womannotated, Crow Carriage

 A Crow Carriage

Sonnet Double Feature:


Mistress of Malice 

Ten miles upon a tufted seat, elm trees

to village path, discreet, a beast will ride

to seaside town.  One hooded straggler by

him found, too young this hour to be outside

indecent bodice, brown eyes wide.  Fingers Continue reading “Womannotated, Crow Carriage”

3 Sigils by Chris Stephenson


‘Lucid Dream Ability’ by Chris Stephenson


‘Find the Others’ by Chris Stephenson


‘High Weirdness’ by Chris Stephenson



Chris Stephenson is a visual/collage artist, poet and small press publisher based in Leeds, England. He is the author of several experimental poetry collections including Revenge of The Mirror People (Stranger Press), Napoli Metro Bad Dream Sequence (Blart Books), No Ideas But In Things ( Dark Windows Press), Constellations (zimzalla). Some of his recent collage work can be found online at Angry Old Man Magazine, and five2one Magazine.

Cover Photo Credit: Kylie Supski

Soon by Disgruntled Beast

‘Soon’ by Disgruntled Beast

Disgruntled Beast envisions the near future when we will finally eat the rich as the world burns around us. Continue reading “Soon by Disgruntled Beast”

bugwomb by Blake Planty (words) & dev (art)


Continue reading “bugwomb by Blake Planty (words) & dev (art)”

Porthscape by Andrew Fentham

Fentham BHP 1
‘Porthscape 1’ by Andrew Fentham

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2 Virtual Reality Artworks by Laurie O’Neill (Willowmoon Art)

Silent Scream
‘Silent Scream’ a VR artwork by Laurie O’Neill

View “Silent Scream” in VR via Google Poly & Tilt Brush via this link. Continue reading “2 Virtual Reality Artworks by Laurie O’Neill (Willowmoon Art)”

Stacked Skeletons in Church Graveyard by Elizabeth Honer (Grrlrighter)

‘Stacked Skeletons in Church Graveyard’ is based on one of Honer’s dreams. She recreated it in Tilt Brush, a Virtual Reality drawing and sculpting application that allows for 3D world building, artworks and multi-media narratives to be built & experienced in a 3D space. This work speaks to the importance of recognizing the influence of past generations. Having had several anxiety and fear-fueled dreams in a series about death during that period of time, Honer noted how this dream was strikingly different in tone. It was playful and serene. Continue reading “Stacked Skeletons in Church Graveyard by Elizabeth Honer (Grrlrighter)”

Planetary Realignment 1 & 2 by Grix & Shloka Shankar

Planetary Realignment 1 & 2 are collaborative works made by Grix (traditional art techniques including mixed-media on board, and photography), and Shloka Shankar (digital art & double exposures).

Continue reading “Planetary Realignment 1 & 2 by Grix & Shloka Shankar”

2 Visual/Erasure Poems by Shloka Shankar

to see
‘To See’ by Shloka Shankar (Mixed media collage on paper, 2019)


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Checkmate by Konstantinos Papacharalampos

Checkmate page 1 of 2
“Checkmate” pg 1, a Poem Brut by Konstantinos Papacharalampos

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3 Collages by Christine Strelan

‘Amber Zap’ by Christine Strelan 


Continue reading “3 Collages by Christine Strelan”

Australia Burns by Tony Messenger & Kayla Milaudi

CONTENT WARNING: Poem explores the destruction of nature, homes, life and animals during the bushfire crisis in Australia, still currently happening.

Australia Burns



The day I was Ꙩ\born/Ꙩ a terrible →sadness← descended upon the \earth/⃝.

Their ⌂homes⌂ are now piles of dust, coughing smoke and ⸙\smoldering/⸙. I can hear the ●dead● mounds whimpering softly over the ⌐agony⌐ of their ₼scorched₼ memories.

Silicone and Ꝝ\metal/Ꝝ melt at my touch and ≈\water/≈, my enemy, is as ineffective as paracetamol is for cancer.

In other lives I was a ◊cleanser◊, cleaner, ჻\creator/჻. Now I am known as ●pain●.
Continue reading “Australia Burns by Tony Messenger & Kayla Milaudi”

(dis/re)membered 7 – what starts as a toothache by James Knight

What Starts as a Toothache
‘(dis/re)membered 7 – what starts as a toothache’ by James Knight

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2 Excerpts from SyncWorld by Jordan Trethewey & Jenn Zed


the_girl_who_draws_gynoids2 (1)
‘The Girl Who Draws Gynoids’ by Jordan Trethewey & Jenn Zed (Excerpt from ‘SyncWorld’)

Continue reading “2 Excerpts from SyncWorld by Jordan Trethewey & Jenn Zed”

Cat’s Kaleidoscope by Lizzy Turner


Cat's Kaleidoscope I
‘Cat’s Kaleidoscope I’ by Lizzie Turner

Continue reading “Cat’s Kaleidoscope by Lizzy Turner”

Circle Series: Woman With Poem by ReVerse Butcher and Kylie Supski


Drawing/illustrations made in Procreate, spatial VR remix poem made in Tilt Brush, and overall design/collage by ReVerse Butcher.
Original linear poem, and flower photography by Kylie Supski.

Continue reading “Circle Series: Woman With Poem by ReVerse Butcher and Kylie Supski”

Womannotated – I Was Blythe

I Was Blythe

I would do anything to not be cute,

fifteen, though it’s, without dispute, what I am,

Blythe doll eyes, wide face, small limbs a brute

could hold in place with fingertips.  Brown eyes Continue reading “Womannotated – I Was Blythe”

Remixes by Shloka Shankar

shloka-swallowed hope - an erasure diptych
swallowed hope: an erasure diptych

For all the good it did

It was me.                                                        Should I go on?
The dark doesn’t affect
your nose.                                                      Never wake up


A fraction of an inch— Continue reading “Remixes by Shloka Shankar”

4 Visual Poems by Angela Rodriguez and Joseph Ellison Brockway


Watercolor on paper, 2015

Continue reading “4 Visual Poems by Angela Rodriguez and Joseph Ellison Brockway”

2 Artwork by Thomas Osatchoff

1 Find Your Way Out-thomas

Find Your Way Out Continue reading “2 Artwork by Thomas Osatchoff”

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