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Ben Gedaliah: Room 168, the Hotel S-

Room 168, the Hotel S-

The door opens to a married man, a single bed.

You’re not here, but your presence is everywhere. The bed is meticulous, signs you’ve been here are subtle, imagined, your outline dimpling the duvet, just a trace; Continue reading “Ben Gedaliah: Room 168, the Hotel S-“


James Mansfield: The destruction of a British museum


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Jefferson JW Wayne: As Dawn breaks Over the Cancer Factory


Four photographs by Jefferson J.W. Wayne

These four photos were taken while Jefferson was working along the Houston, Texas ship channel and are apart of a collection he’s building to present along with prose under the title As Dawn Breaks Over the Cancer Factory. As an industrial firefighter and process operator he is privy to these sights every day. They are an attempt to showcase the current future of industry as it moves forward to its slow death in the world.

Photographs of the Columbia River Gorge by Amee Nassrene Broumand

Broumand_Gorge1Broumand_Gorge4Broumand_Gorge5Broumand_Gorge6Broumand_Gorge7 Continue reading “Photographs of the Columbia River Gorge by Amee Nassrene Broumand”

Photos of Astoria, Oregon by Amee Nassrene Broumand

Broumand_Astoria dBroumand_Astoria c.JPGBroumand_Astoria eBroumand_Astoria fBroumand_Astoria j Continue reading “Photos of Astoria, Oregon by Amee Nassrene Broumand”

Four Pieces by Angie Hedman


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Collages by Alyssa Ciamp

Ancient Egress 1
Ancient Egress 2

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Images by Abbie Foxton

Voices in Artificial Light 

Voices 7

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Altered Photography by Karissa Lang

Karissa Lang’s series of manipulated photographs, “I Was Here,” presents snap-shots of hazy memories from her own childhood in which she is the absent protagonist. Lang replaces the index of her physical body with some of the classic obscuring aesthetics of the photographic medium, namely, over-exposure and darkness. The eerie glow emanating from her face  represents an inward movement associated with time-travel, as pieces of memories are reconstructed with her true sense of identity missing at the core. In other areas, her body is blacked out into a type of  flattened silhouette, another indication of the gap that separates these family records from her physical body and memory.


Cousins  Continue reading “Altered Photography by Karissa Lang”

3 Poems by Paul Cunningham


(Photographs by Paul Cunningham)



there are many storefronts in this mall
and there are many reflections
there is drama there is something reflected
there are mirror columns in this mall
they are for the people they are for the looking
but there are no people in this mall
there is some drama in this mall
there are mirror columns in this mall
but there are no people in this mall
there is a proscenium stage in this mall
a former DEB retail chain store
there is a proscenium stage in this mall
a former DEB retail chain store
there is some drama in this mall
chains and masks and drama in this mall
there is drama there is something reflected
there is something reflected in this mall
but there are no people in this mall
there is something reflected in this mall
chains and masks and drama in this mall
but there are no people in this mall

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Instant Pictures by C.C. O’Hanlon

“There was an artist I worked with for a while who used Polaroids as drawing references. When she was done with them, she just chucked them in a black trash bag under the kitchen sink – where I found them. I urged her to think of them as sketches, to value them…”

Continue reading “Instant Pictures by C.C. O’Hanlon”

A Believing Place by Nina Foushee

For months before going to Alaska, I thought about how six hours of daylight would feel. In California, I’d lay in bed and imagine the darkness as a hand closing around my throat. Continue reading “A Believing Place by Nina Foushee”

L.A. Lust by Yanina Spizzirri

This city, this big sprawling dream of a city, mighty and misunderstood Los Angeles, is often defined in terms of tired cliches and sweeping generalizations. Soul-less and a-historical L.A., they say. A city where nobody walks, they lie. A far-reaching enigma going on for miles and miles, they all nod and agree, baffled. Continue reading “L.A. Lust by Yanina Spizzirri”

The Tyranny of the Horizon by Laurence Mitchell

“A frontier region… the resort of brigands and bandits”
– Sir Clifford Darby, from The Medieval Fenland

Two summers ago I walked coast to coast across England and Wales, from Great Yarmouth in Norfolk to Aberystwyth on the Welsh coast. The idea was to etch a furrow in the map along a route that traced familiar haunts and places of personal significance. My aim was to rekindle the memory of places I once knew in East Anglia and the Midlands; join up the dots, to connect all the places along the way with a line made by walking – a pagan pilgrimage, if you like, a personal songline. Continue reading “The Tyranny of the Horizon by Laurence Mitchell”

Writing A Winter Sunset by Oliver Cable

15:20 backlit wisps and railroad tracks in the sky. flashes of starlings’ wingtips. I look at the river too long, and now see it every time I blink. Continue reading “Writing A Winter Sunset by Oliver Cable”

Nothing Dries Sooner Than A Tear* by Joanna Pickering

Marrakesh, Old Town

Everyone seemed to have rotten, black, and missing front teeth. They were friendly and kept smiling and that’s how I saw they mostly had rotten, black and missing front teeth.

I couldn’t see a lot of the women’s teeth, only their eyes, and often not even. There were many women dressed from head to ankle, in long black fabrics, with layer upon layer covering skin, hands, hair, and some that covered the eyes, and with only a marginally thinner veil, so that everything was hidden, nothing to determine soul, being, nor Continue reading “Nothing Dries Sooner Than A Tear* by Joanna Pickering”

Waiting For The Ocean by hiromi suzuki

On the vast land of a hospital in Tokyo, there is a pond filled with plenty of water. Water springs up not only in the pond, but here and there. It is the source of a river. The underground water passes through the downtown of Tokyo and flows into Tokyo Bay. No one knows this is a water land and I’m dreaming of the ocean through the vapor. Continue reading “Waiting For The Ocean by hiromi suzuki”

Photographs of New Orleans by Julia Skop

Julia Skop 1

Julia Skop 2

Julia Skop 3 Continue reading “Photographs of New Orleans by Julia Skop”

Photographs of Bristol & a Poem by Jason Jackson

Jason Jackson 1


Someone is whispering


Someone, somewhere is whispering,

blue thoughts to the sharpened night,

leaving words born of the bottle

to shrivel under sleep’s new weight.


Thin syllables drip from bitten lips

moist with gin and clumsy kisses,

and a tongue lolls, slug-like, slurring,

while only the sliced moon listens


to the promises and prayers the night

drags from that full, unguarded heart.

There! Someone is whispering

and your new, cold day has yet to start.

Continue reading “Photographs of Bristol & a Poem by Jason Jackson”

Night Photos of Newstead Village & a Poem by Sophie Pitchford

Pitchford _Tungsten 2





the light is



my incandescent affiliation

street lights emit orange

tungsten lights, bless

anoint the streets with orange haze, creates vignette

turns street in to theatre

under street light is under spotlight

glow from window illuminates intricate net-curtain-call

There is life inside, electricity

rows and rows of windows glow,

currents of electricity form circuit board called estate, village

street light snoot renders unsuspecting object still-life masterpiece

catchlight from car roof becomes moon-lit-fjord

until sun rise

garish day-time, floods night-time majesty


until sun set Continue reading “Night Photos of Newstead Village & a Poem by Sophie Pitchford”

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