Burning House Press are excited to welcome REVERSE BUTCHER as our JANUARY 2020 guest editor! As of today RvB will take over editorship of Burning House Press online for the full month of JANUARY.

Submissions are open from today – 1st January and will remain open until 24TH JANUARY.

RvB‘S theme/s for the month are as follows


One Power alone makes a Poet: Imagination. The Divine Vision – William Blake

What is meant by the term Vision? To see, to imagine, to see what is or what is imagined?

This January BHP invite works that explore Vision in all its permutations – sight, dream, premonition, imagination, witness, hallucination, glitch, clairvoyance, comprehension.

The waking world is so BORING. But luckily for us, the visionary pathways to escape it outnumber the population of the conscious universe. In dreaming(s), we can be many people at once, forked versions of self & unself to examine/forget later. Our hallucinations (intentional/ unintentional, &/or organic/digital) veil every scrap of our narratives. A committed repeat reframing of memory can sometimes propell us through trauma & into health. An ego driven fever dream in the wrong person(s) can destroy entire nations. Good intuition can save a life. Prophecies can drive entire civilizations. Clairvoyants seem to be one step ahead, but they are often unsure of which one.

We request haunted ARTefacts from your dreaming otherworlds, we ask you to suspend our disbelief with your best cognitive curiosities. Somersault through (im)perfect time loops, unroll inner & outer spaces, interrupt our standard narrative with utopic dreamscapes & eerie dystopias. Fire a spell, your trance-deep automatic writings, the whisperings from beyond the Ouija board. Fracture & juxtapose the waking & sleeping worlds in all their surreal power.

We are especially interested in chimeras made from hybridized content(s), context(s), style(s) & form(s). Collage (un)familiar methods & upside down ideals, blight us with incendiary sigils, stumble over as-yet-uninvented genres & mediums.

Text only submissions are welcome, but we encourage you to experiment with the inevitable schisms between types/styles of content; multiple art/form(s); & traditional/digital mediums. Offer up a virtual reality poem. Cut up the newspaper & send us an (un)future. Animate a neural network’s fever dream. Sing us an illuminated manuscript backwards to see if it brings on a great darkness.

Map out a videogame that navigates consciousness by hand. Dance the layers of a lucid dream. Freeze time with multiple exposure photographs. Trip in tongues with new tech. Show us what lies just below/above/around the surface of linear consciousness.

ReVerse Butcher is a multi-disciplinary artist with focuses in making unique artist’s books, collages, visual art, Virtual Reality art in Tilt Brush, writing, & performance. She will use any medium necessary to engage and subvert reality until it is less dull and oppressive. When she grows up she wants to be a well-read recluse. She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. 

For submissions on the theme of VISION, REVERSE BUTCHER is looking for your poetry, short stories, flash fiction, prose poems, art, collage, painting, photography – as well as non-fiction submissions: essays, reviews, commentary, features, interviews – and all hybrids, fragments and cross-forms.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be sent as attachments to guesteditorbhp@gmail.com

Please state the theme and form of your submission in the subject of the email. For example: VISION/POETRY

Poetry and Fiction

For poetry submissions, submit no more than three of your best poems. Short stories should be limited to 1,500 words or (preferably) less. We encourage flash fiction submissions, no more than three at a time. Send these in as a .doc or .docx file, along with a short third-person bio, and (optional) photograph of yourself.

Submit hi-res images of your works (drawings, paintings, illustrations, collages, photography, etc) with descriptions of the work (Title, Year, Medium, etc) in the body of the email. Files should be in .JPEG unless they are GIFs or videos, and should not exceed 2MB in size for each work. File names should correspond with the work titles. Video submissions can be uploaded onto Youtube or Vimeo for feature on our website. Send these submissions along with a short third-person bio, and (optional) photograph of yourself.

Virtual Reality/ 3D Artworks

For VR Submissions, please submit no more than three (3) individual artworks. For Tilt Brush works, please upload your artwork to Google Poly (https://poly.google.com/), and mark it as ‘public’ (‘remixable’ is at your own preference). A VR/3D artwork can also be submitted as a video export navigating through the artwork. If you prefer this method, please upload your finished video file to YouTube or Vimeo and provide a URL. With either format, please provide a 150 word artist’s statement.

Non-fiction submissions (essays, reviews, commentary, interviews, etc) should be no more than 1, 500 words and sent as a .doc or .docx file along with your third-person bio/and optional photograph.

Submissions are open from 1st till 24TH JANUARY – and will reopen again on 1st FEBRUARY 2020/for new theme/new editor/s.

BHP online is now in the capable hands of the amazing REVERSE BUTCHER – friends, arsonistas, send our JANUARY 2020 guest editor RvB your magic!