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4 Visual Poems by Angela Rodriguez and Joseph Ellison Brockway


Watercolor on paper, 2015

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To XXXXXX (we know) — Meeah Williams

Meeah Williams is a writer & graphic artist. She lives in Seattle w/her husband & cat. Some of her most recent work is linked here She tweets  @pussy_nagasaki

To the god below the layers — Sean Kilpatrick

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Featured Photo Artist – Amanda Ollinik

Our Photo artist for the month, Amanda Ollinik, supplied almost all the featured photos used(except for two or three). She is as prolific as our poetry/fiction contributors, and very well take her talent seriously. We are grateful to her and her partner, Lydia, for making the month as photogenic as it can be. Continue reading “Featured Photo Artist – Amanda Ollinik”

Conceptualising by PL Weng

Sketch being a rudimentary conceptualising part of an idea which will later will translated to a physical or visual final product/s at the end and Book is mainly a collection of these sketches or rudimentary ideas compiled into a bounded book or portfolio (which may be made out of a piece of chewing gum wrapper, a piece of fungal infested durian leaf, a low quality 60g yellowed paper from a 1970s memo pad, an odd piece of broken lego plastic, etc.)”


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