2018 Guest Editors and Themes in order:


February 2018 – Languages/Letters/Lists – Florence Lenaers 

March 2018 – Masks/Transformations/Cosmos/Personal Myth – Amee Nassrene Broumand 

April 2018 – Place: Movement, Escape, Exploration, Architecture – C.C. O’Hanlon 

May 2018 – Identity: Crisis, Creation, Multiplicity, Singularity – Karissa Lang 

June 2018 – Liminal Spaces – James Pate 

July 2018 – Bodies – Lara Alonso Corona 

August 2018 – Non-NonFiction – John Trefry 

September 2018 – Belonging/Returning/Retreating – Rachael De Moravia 

October 2018 – Gender & Revolution – She Speaks UK 

November 2018 – Facing Up To The Future – Paul Hawkins 

December 2018 – Doors – Jaisha Jansena

* * * * *

In February 2018 BHP began the Guest Editor series – whereby every month the keys to BHP were handed over to a guest editor. These editorships were not token roles – the editors were able to identify and set their own themes for the month – and were responsible for selecting, declining, and curating the work chosen – as well as all admin duties, email correspondences etc.

It is with a genuine and deep gratitude and respect that I would like to thank BHP’s guest editors throughout 2018. Firstly, thanks for accepting the offer of an editorship, and secondly for each executing the role with such an incredible amount of dedication, diligence and expertise. I’ve been fortunate and privileged this year to collaborate with such a group of creative, smart and talented people, whose work I’m such a fan of – I’ve basically spent the whole year in fanboi heaven!

Over the course of 2018, BHP has published over 400 pieces of original work, explored and thrown new light on a wide and eclectic range of contemporary and perennial themes – and has provided a space for a diverse band of creative people to experiment, share, and hopefully forge new bonds and associations.

I would also like to make a special mention for Florence and Amee – who were the first people I spoke to about the possibility of guest editorships – who not only agreed to become the first guest editors but also set a template and tone for the guest editorships – themes/editions – which all future editorships have followed. Thanks Florence and Amee!

The hope with the guest editorships was to keep BHP a fresh space, an inclusive space, to foster a sense of shared stakehold, encourage experimentation and correspondence, incite artistic engagement with old and new themes, to provide the opportunity and experience of editing a journal in the hope that more people would feel encouraged to create their own platforms/spaces/journals – and, I feel/hope that BHP, with the help of so, so many hands, has achieved its aims this year.

Every single contribution, submission, query, tweet, share is greatly appreciated – and I would like to also thank everyone who has supported and enjoyed BHP this year – and look forward to another fantastic year of guest editorships in 2019!

Thank you and love love love xX

Yours In Service Of Creativity – Miggy (Angel) Editor BHP