Two sides, no in-between, began I don’t know when

No, no, you can’t confuse the ladies with the men

Each day the frame repeats

We’re told the story again

In silence and in actions, signs and words


These are the questions thou shalt not ask

These are the persons thou shalt not see

And these commandments are all we need

It’s dangerous

Beyond the gender lines


Who dares to take the risk and wilfully transgress?

Who dares to leave the path assigned from birth till death?

How far’s it safe to go

In word or deed or in dress

Before we’re made to know we’ve gone too far?


These are the voices thou shalt not hear

These are the subjects thou shalt not raise

We learn regardless to find our ways

I’ll meet you there

Beyond the gender lines


Can be heard as a song at:



Jennifer Moore is a writer and musician, based in Nottingham, interested in creating spaces and inventing how things can be possible.  

Web sites (music) and (everything else).

Picture credit:  Cuckoo Films.