A set of beliefs about the future (it’s right now)

Can you afford to eat right now? I need to know if you can afford to eat right now we need to know if we can take anything else away from you.

Can they afford this (right now), Can they take it away (right now)?

(they here is pointing in several directions: plural, singular, them, them, me

I hope you’re (I’m) drinking enough water are you drinking enough water is there water to

(I hope so)

Can you afford to eat right now how long has it been since you?

What it is that can be afforded not to do

Herein lies a situation


gloss: without intervention a river will flow according to gravity. Walking down the street I saw the prison (an unfamiliar territory). Walking down the street I saw the prison (a prison). Grotesque and brutalist, placed at a dividing line as a threat. Water in a river eventually reaches the ocean and the oceans evaporate water into the atmosphere. Eventually water in the atmosphere condenses and falls somewhere as rain. This is a process that is known as the water cycle. Prisons are real both in the physical world around us and in the metaphysical space of the imagination, it’s hard to say which is more atrocious. The physical properties of water make it possible for life on Earth to exist as we know it.

Griffin Ward is a writer and artist whose day job once was delivering flowers on a bicycle. Originally from Louisville, KY, and currently living in Baltimore, MD, with many stops in between. Their writing has up till now appeared Dream Pop Press and in zine print tests distributed to a few friends. Contact at gdward317 at gmail or follow through instagram @002fa7.

Featured photograph by Karissa Lang