The surreal world of Sergio Sainz Vidal’s collages are not just a matter of style and technique but a way of ruminating on eternal human subjects such as death, mysticism, eroticism, and our relationship to nature.

On his use of collage:

“The world, or the cosmos, is made of fragments all connected in some way. A person is one of those pieces, yet at the same time, is made of up of many pieces. I think I use women as symbol of the origin of life and as a representation of the unknown. I use space, nature and women because I am drawn to the infinite and mystery, and I am interested in striking an alchemical balance between complexity and simplicity.”


Sergio Sainz Vidal is an award-winning art director, graphic designer, and music maker based in New York City. His work ranges from identities, print and digital design, to photo and art direction for graphic and motion design. His curiosity about art, creativity and life in general inspired him to build a career without following the traditional path. You won’t find a cool or expensive school on his CV, but what he can tell you is that he was the first kid to do graffiti in his little town back in 1987.