fat ass hot cock ass
thunder thighs
bionic booty
pretty eyes thick thighs
basket ball butt
5th grade child bearing hips
linebacker in a strapless dress
getting chunky
grown woman’s body now
don’t be prancing around the men keep that butt from jiggling in a thin
dress 4 years old perverse booty jiggle
you better hope you can fit into it
buffalo butt
you too big
itty bitty titty committee
you are too skinny
sloppy fat
fat fingers
self-hating well
you ain’t missing no meals I see
don’t make sense to be that heavy
need to push back from the table
eating all natural still fat as hell
talk trash deny food
low key slut shamed
offering lipo make you
feel bad for feeling bad
you can live off your fat don’t need
to eat big arms like your grandmother
don’t be making up a plate of food
of the food she fucking cooked
there are men in this house
I thought I imagined the slick stuff
Grand our mothers were
poets and didn’t know it

Cole Verhoeven began her study with the New York City Ballet school and the Dance Theater of Harlem, later winning a scholarship to the the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center. She then went on to study Performance and Studio Art at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Since moving to the Netherlands she has worked extensively on productions with theatre directors Brett Bailey (South Africa) and Fernando Rubio (Argentina). She currently lives and works in Amsterdam as a composer, poet, painter, performance/endurance artist and occasional co-curator for abstract painting collective The Act of Painting.

Featured Image:

Jumping on the diversity subsidy bandwagon, Cole Verhoeven, nitrocellulose and pigment on paper, 75x50cm, 2018