Watercolor on paper, 2015


Watercolor on paper, 2015


Watercolor on paper, 2015


Return to Sender (Rorschach Test #1)
Watercolor on paper, 2015


Angela Rodriguez (the artist) is an artist who lives and works in Texas. She sculpts, draws, and does photography when not spending time with her family, though sometimes art is a family affair. Though making art is her primary passion, she also enjoys teaching her sixth-grade students and encouraging others to explore creativity and expression through visual media. You can find more of Angela’s work on Instagram @angelaannartspot.

Joseph Ellison Brockway (the poet) is a poet, translator, and Spanish professor. He likes to juxtapose words and signs to disrupt the language on the page and to disturb the reader’s thoughts. Many of his poems also experiment with ideas and images that explore the human psyche and existence. Joseph’s poetry has recently been published in Burning House Press, L’Épherme Review, Moonchild Magazine, SurVision Magazine, and Surreal Poetics. He can be found roaming the socialmediaverse at @JosephEBrockway.

Cover art credit: Cropped fragment of the authors’ art.