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Visual Poetry

Two visual poems by James Knight

These images are visual excerpts from Chimera, a cycle of visual poems exploring evolution.

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we’re going to know in about two hours: six visual poems by Paul Hawkins

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How To Fly by hiromi suzuki

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Two geoglyphs by Astra Papachristodoulou

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Mumble by CDN Warren

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An Obscure Doomsday Party by ReVerse Butcher

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Two visual poems by David Turner

Dear David, as agreed this is your crisis plan

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Four visual poems by Richard Biddle

Ha I Know U

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3 poems by Rae Diamond

(Image by Rae Diamond)
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3 poems by David Glenn

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‘memory/loss in the key of blue’ by caitlin m. spencer

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3 poems by Tamsin Blaxter

(Photograph by Tamsin Blaxter)
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3 poems by Aaron Boothby

(Photograph by Aaron Boothby)


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A poem by Emma Miles

(“X-ray of self-mutilation (Reeve 41788), National Museum of Health and Medicine”by medicalmuseum is licensed under CC BY 2.0 )

Musings from a ward

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Two poems by Anthony AW

to the airport in burbank

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The 5th C – ReVerse Butcher and Kylie Supski

The 5th C




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Bóthar by Daniel P Callanan & Colm McAuliffe

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Poetry Letters by Dan Dorman

Speech always moves.

When a person speaks they drive lung fulls of air through disruptive muscles that vibrate the flowing air before it moves in an open space. Language on a page, however, is generally static.

Meaning, most people would have us read against the text rather than into it.

Because letters in English are only phonetic signifiers, which in no consistent way relate to their sounds, neither speech (an object in the all-being type of way) or the object to which they refer, written language actually doesn’t say a thing. Usually… Continue reading “Poetry Letters by Dan Dorman”

Serres Chaudes, a series of visual poetry by hiromi suzuki

author’s description

“Je l’élève sur mes pensées,
Et je vois éclore au milieu
De la fuite du cristal bleu,
Les feuilles des douleurs passées.”
― Maurice Maeterlinck “Verre Ardent” from ‘Serres Chaudes’, 1889

“I hold the glass to my thoughts
and see in that crystal labyrinth
the petals of old pain bloom
as if they were not things of the past…”
― Maurice Maeterlinck ‘Serres Chaudes’, 1889 / “Burning-Glass” from ‘Hothouses’ translated by Richard Howard

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Collage Logbooks: hiromi suzuki

“I make collages in small sketchbooks every night before I sleep.
I call them ‘collage logbooks.’
They are diaries and also the place of creation for
my art and visual poetry.” Continue reading “Collage Logbooks: hiromi suzuki”

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