Burning House Press are excited to welcome Mauve Perle Tahat as our NOVEMBER 2019 guest editor! As of today MAUVE will take over editorship of Burning House Press online for the full month of NOVEMBER.

Submissions are open from today – 1st NOVEMBER and will remain open until 23RD NOVEMBER.

MAUVE‘S theme/s for the month are as follows


“Being haunted draws us affectively, sometimes against our will and always a bit magically, into the structure of feeling of a reality we come to experience not as cold knowledge but as a transformative recognition.” -Avery Gordon

There is no machine without a ghost.

This November, BHP invite works that render the ghost and the machine. Transmissions from unconscious intersections. Ancient intuition apparatus. The voice and vision of sentients, ghost-cyphers, cyborgs and centuries, the boundarylessness of the human spirit, spectral phenomena, the aura of the ordinary, the autonomy of objects, plane intersections of past and present time, psychic imprints lurking behind the hidden passageways of the akashic crypt, hauntings, terror, loss, absence, delirium, transcendance, ancestral wisdom, the nature of consciousness & memory, the open eye at the kernel of hetero-patriarchy, the conscious naught keeping time and watch at the lobe of capitalism and conflict, the augur deciphering the racist propaganda of modern art and culture. In all forms, send us your spectral readings.

“Dark matter resists semiotic and materialist analysis because it sheds no visible light. Detecting dark matter—offstage spaces and actions; absent characters; the narrated past; hallucination; blindness; obscenity; godhead; and so on—invites a new approach known as spectral reading.” -Andrew Sofer

Mauve Perle Tahat is a longtime collegiate instructor, executive editor, new mother, and abolitionist. She teaches and advocates for incarcerated folks while living in Northern Appalachia.

For submissions on the theme of NO MACHINE WITHOUT A GHOST, MAUVE is looking for your poetry, short stories, flash fiction, prose poems, art, collage, painting, photography – as well as non-fiction submissions: essays, reviews, commentary, features, interviews – and all hybrids, fragments and cross-forms.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be sent as attachments to guesteditorbhp@gmail.com

Please state the theme and form of your submission in the subject of the email. For example: NO MACHINE WITHOUT A GHOST/POETRY

Poetry and Fiction

For poetry submissions, submit no more than three of your best poems. Short stories should be limited to 1,500 words or (preferably) less. We encourage flash fiction submissions, no more than three at a time. Send these in as a .doc or .docx file, along with a short third-person bio, and (optional) photograph of yourself.

Submit hi-res images of your works (drawings, paintings, illustrations, collages, photography, etc) with descriptions of the work (Title, Year, Medium, etc) in the body of the email. Files should be in .JPEG unless they are GIFs or videos, and should not exceed 2MB in size for each work. File names should correspond with the work titles. Video submissions can be uploaded onto Youtube or Vimeo for feature on our website. Send these submissions along with a short third-person bio, and (optional) photograph of yourself.

Non-fiction submissions (essays, reviews, commentary, interviews, etc) should be no more than 1, 500 words and sent as a .doc or .docx file along with your third-person bio/and optional photograph.

Submissions are open from 1st till 23RD NOVEMBER – and will reopen again on 1st DECEMBER/for new theme/new editor/s.

BHP online is now in the capable hands of the amazing Mauve Perle Tahat – friends, arsonistas, send our NOVEMBER guest editor MAUVE your magic!