By Fredric Nord

Zero is the only numeral with the ability to remain itself in solitude. Zero is defined by the ability to not change. All other numerals are relative to each other and depend on each other for existence. They always change and change together. Without each other, stripped of cohabitation, they have no meaning or personality. That’s why all numerals in solitude equals zero. The total amount of numerals aren’t gazillions but one and a half, generously measured.
What does this fact imply? In slightly more practical terms, it means that silence has autonomous power and noise is a slave mentality. In everyday practical terms, it might spell something like this: Our peace of mind remains undisturbed by our emotional racket even during our emotional racket. Any other way of seeing it would mean that it’s dependent rather than autonomus. Peace is power. The rest is a half.

The experience of being disconnected from peace must therefore amount to being half of yourself, generously measured. And that half is a slave half.
Applying this to a popular concept like ’will to power’, it seems only logical that we ought to replace the term ‘will’ with the term ‘acceptance’. Because power, unlike distress, is the part of me that remains, and what would be the point of wanting that? It would be like gazing at a mirror to find out I have eyes and, surprised by this recent discovery of eyehaving, deciding to will the eyes of the reflection into my sockets, somewhat like Luke using the force to get those misplaced lightsabers to slide into his hands by themselves. But you’re already holding your saber, Luke. What more do you want?

I’ve forgotten how it felt like to feel like a photographer, and in hindsight I can kind of discern why that must have happened. It’s a tall order that expects the remnants and ruins of seeing to prove that remnants and ruins are nowhere to be seen.
You’re already holding the eyes and the sight is your half of every creation. And this is why the flowers of past have never been anything but fresh and alive. You are peace and a half and so are they. Every time your eyes meet both of you are born again. Yesteryear, today and tomorrow – the discovery will not remain discovered but involved in discovery. The amount of numerals in the world are one and a half. Every step is a first step. I never knew before that life starts now. It remains for you. There’s a first step for everything and the second is forever left wanting.



Fredric Nord is a writer and photographer living in Karlstad, Sweden. He enjoys basic forms of magic – watching dogs run as fast as they can, the potential of charcoal on paper or the alchemy of a single violin emanating out of silence. His work has appeared in Phases Magazine, Phosmag, Mutantspace, Burning House Press and in print via Antler Press. Fredric is currently writing at length about vision as silence and poetry.