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“Telling” by Ian Schoultz

Art by Moriah M. Mylod

stories only 🡪 this message has no content / i will devour / like a written thing 🡪 loomed untitled. /// The / empathy empathy / the main character should die 🡪 submenu / enter // my question is when u say you are say u are sad, what are you sad about? are you sad about the world? the compounded sadness? is a thought sad? how is happy? whose is it and what is it like? mouseclick 🡪 palpable turn //// thought n. – a reliquary of loss; an open document; a semblance; a letting; a source; everyone who’s there. [] [] [] 🡪 the season nonetheless some evocative partially solid thing 🡪 extra limbic 🡪 carrier wave 🡪 mostly 🡪 really 🡪 and as the subject of / what do you see 🡪 praxis in reasonable portions 🡪 father on religion save / save save the whales 🡪 they sick / from heavy metals (character’s demonstration of preconceived prerecorded a priori desires /// “exist” or 🡪 my biological episode (to descriptor string [] [] blessed end blessed beginning) 🡪 second death / wearing the gradual retreat still heard and felt / Object. / have been the road [] [] [] [] [] [] see if you put this like this and this like this / you can make / a mouth a mouth a myth / and it’s the same the same same [the question is]



Ian recently finished his MFA in Poetry from Louisiana State University. His work has appeared in the tiny and Aberration Labyrinth and is forthcoming in Always Crashing. He lives and walks his black lab, Gabriel, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


“Moonlight Part 2” and “Her Will” by Mark Allen Jenkins

Art by Moriah M. Mylod


Moonlight Part 2


The moonlit hills,     silvery sentinels

guarding    the silent

desert.     The jagged

mine         mouth,    a black 

hole         into         twilight 



Tim’s voice changed, 

pitch higher.


When I hurt 

my hand     in the mine,    something

remarkable     got         under

my skin        something

        begun         to change

     me             for better

        I know it is connected to a great plan

set in motion         billions    years

ago                 out        among stars


there is substance        in this mine

allows a human             change from mortal into a god       

I am being                transformed

into a creature            of the universe


What do you think?


I think you need to go back to the hospital 


This is a found poem. Source: Pike, Christopher. Hollow Skull. Hodder, 1998. Page 75


Her will


Transformation    inevitable 


She has grown        great

now,             difficult 

with words 


cooperate for 

your         own        sake


you’ll understand 

everything soon


head    slurped     back

she saw stars        grin




This is a found poem. Source: Pike, Christopher. Hollow Skull. Hoddler, 1998. Page 76.







Originally from the hilly corner of Ohio, Mark Allen Jenkins’s poetry has appeared in Memorious, minnesota review, South Dakota Review, Every River on Earth: Writing from Appalachian Ohio, and Gargoyle. He recently completed a PhD in Humanities from the University of Texas at Dallas and currently teaches in Houston.

A poem by Tom Snarsky

(Photograph by Tom Snarsky)


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A poem by Michelle K. Angwenyi

(Photograph by Michelle K. Angwenyi)


Every slight in the wind will turn the city
Another shade of our re/[-]/mind. For now
There are fragments, going all the way back
To that of that sky, and that when the wings, 
And those when the scream, and that how —
How uneventful; to remember so much. 
Imagine what we have done [we will do] with our unfinished memories.

Michelle K. Angwenyi @mkangwenyi  is a writer from Nairobi, Kenya. She blogs at

Circles: 4 Prose Fragments by Mapule Mohulatsi

(“North-east Jo’burg at night”by marco sees things is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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Fragments of the Contract by Christopher Clifton

(photograph by Christopher Clifton)
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Lacquer Garden by Joseph Spece

like guys with a video game’s dimension. I think about Parasite
Eve this way. Its rich antagonisms are feminine, animal,
familial, bodily, savvy, fractured, abstract. It contains a

You see how rarely I like a guy.
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Schedule of Somnambulist Roads #46 – #49 by Alec Ivan Fugate


[ Darkness uncovers certain predictions in the trees. The grey breath of the stars and moon show me the surrounding area, heavily forested; thick green hovers above the ground, the leaves healthy, hearty for summer. Coyotes can be heard faintly behind the treeline. A quick walk works up a sweat. Temperature outside recorded at 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Small mice skitter just out of reach in the ditch. No homes can be found, though lights in the distance betray somebody or something. Maybe a porch. Smell a campfire nearby. Smell no voices. Continue reading “Schedule of Somnambulist Roads #46 – #49 by Alec Ivan Fugate”

A Soft Taxonomy of Rocks by Rachael de Moravia

Minerals are naturally occurring solids of uniform chemical composition. Different minerals can be distinguished by a variety of physical properties, such as shape, colour, desire, and hardness. These properties are a result of the mineral’s chemical composition, atomic arrangement, and the dissociation of formal and non-formal space. Minerals are building blocks of all rocks. The world’s economy depends to a large extent on our mineral resources. Continue reading “A Soft Taxonomy of Rocks by Rachael de Moravia”

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