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Womannotated – No More Names

August 30th, 2019

No More Names

If you would follow, after dark, him and

his friends into the park — a boy who likes

to call you names, then make lewd demands,

midnight games. Mother said, “He’s so polite,”

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Three Poems by Ben Gallagher


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OTHER THAN DESIRE – A Prose Poem by Courtney LeBlanc

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Traces — A poem by Justene Dion-Glowa


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No (New) Man’s Land – A poem by Joseph Schreiber

No (New) Man’s Land

His is
a life in fluid drawn,
pushed through
scar tissue, muscle yielding.
Pull. Plunge.
Inject. Extract.
New man by
needle-born in flush
of mid-life puberty, 
bending forty
years of life.
Burying facts that
fail to fit.

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Border Works — Julia Beach, Janice Leagra, and Heather Derr-Smith. A Poetry, Mixed-Media and Video Collaboration with Additional Images by Robert Frede Kenter

woman in pink dress and wolf
Janice Leagra

sudden the homecoming

coyotes have learned to build traps
made of endings from the center of the earth

dressed as wolves they give them
to their loves who live in houses

with pink curtains and weather
warped floorboards

dictionaries and streaming services

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“wisteria//wisp-eria” by Janice Kang

This is a poem dedicated to my witch girlfriend, who has been teaching me about witchcraft, history, and art ever since we met. It is a simplistic tale in commemoration of beautiful, cunning witches that disguise themselves as something–someone–more… and so these words can be imagined as the secret, invisible text across the gloss of a tarot card.

the lone raven in the warm forest turns into a bedside angel //with demon wings. & //this is nocturne academia //sheet music draped in dust & //little//lithe sparrow bones. someone hooks her wisteria-vine limbs //over my shoulders //whispers something about noxious selves & //falling stars. god, ye are terrible. //we //these veiled fawns so sweet & //cruel. fogged & misted //godly antlers sprouting from where we had bloodletted to coat pinky //fingers in post-sacrificial abel //we //the raw-mouthed cains //chests heaving & //tight white blouses //THIS is cruel//crude, abels melding with obsidian sadness //making promises with girls who speak //in ancient greek //EUASTEROS //sapphic blood pacts & //we try to bring sappho & aphrodite back to life to guide us //but we cannot.

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Loretta Oleck: Over the Threshold

lady with cane

Over the Threshold


We laugh like newlyweds

as you carry me over the threshold

into a house rife with the spirits

of former tenants-


a lonely caretaker, a childless couple,

a single mother-


their DNA peeling off the walls

like chipped paint.

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Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 1.00.18 PM

Tachypsychia. The word we use for defining the neurological condition which alters our perception of time. Time lengthening, time moving slower, time contracting. A blurred vision of time as response to a traumatic event. Time as a collection of unrelated passages. Time as red lines on the temptation to exist. Time as well-captured intentions, the same throughout all journeys. Every inked reflection, a paradise lost. Continue reading “Christina Tudor-Sideri: PASSING THROUGH THE HOME OF THE DYING”

Daniel P Callanan: Thresholds

Threshold_001 (Blackwater Valley)_dpcallanan

I was thinking about Brutalism, cattle and passage tombs. Form, currency and death.

Walking the fields of North Cork and the headlands of Galway, casting cow-sheds as signs.

Homes for people, now homes for animals. Cycled forward by occupation, migration and forecasts. Radio broadcasts. Concrete and local stone piled into walls, supporting cold tin rooves. Corrugated steel. Cheap and functional, galvanised wave forms. Tin, iron and zinc combined and beaten thin. Weather resistant not weather proof.

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M.J. Iuppa: 2 poems


Every Hour Hurts in Fall


By now, you have adjusted to time’s addition, waking

without alarm, your body’s sudden jolt of electricity—


your toes and fingers wiggle—eyelids flip open to stare

at the ceiling’s cold.  You’re still here.  Isn’t that crazy?


You want to get moving before you hold still, before

you find yourself between the flight of day & dream.

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Nick-e Melville: apisodes 2 in insurance

apisodes_2_in insurance_nicky melville 1

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Pete Treglown: untitled future objects & the garden of technological progress

untitled future objects

untitled future objects

the garden of technological progress

the garden of technological progress

Dorset-based artist Pete Treglown has developed a multi-faceted approach to making art works. His work is essentially a form of audio and visual assemblage, collecting images and ideas from varied sources and combining them into re-contextualised narratives that have a socio-political content. Website address

Max Wilkinson: A Hundred Ways The Fire Starts

A Hundred Ways 1A Hundred Ways 2A Hundred Ways 3A Hundred Ways 4

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Sarah James/Leavesley: & where, then


& where then.jpg

& where, then

Sarah James/Leavesley is a restless/creative chameleon, who loves working across genre and media including poetry, fiction, journalism and photography. She doesn’t believe in much any more, except that the present is our future. Her website is at Sarah tweets here

Cai Draper: The New Discount Chain, Fuck & Systems

Cai Draper BHP submissionCai Draper BHP submission 2Cai Draper BHP submission 3

Cai Draper is a poet from south London. He recently completed an MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of East Anglia. Systems was previously published in the UEA MA Poetry Anthology (Egg Box Publishing 2018)

featured image: Cai Draper

Eve Black: Black Scratch 1-3

Black Scratch 1

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Lizzy Turner: Home Practice 1 & 2

Home Practice #1

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Cas Stockford: Pre-Apocalyptic Poetics

Pre-apocalyptic poetics

Yellow flowers suddenly appearing,
ghost ships and curse birds,
the petty-profound re-occuring
nature of nature – fall, autumn,
fall, autumn, O! Spring! (the month
of May featured heavily)
– they used to write poetry about this!
And wrote about love/luv/lv – a word
as vague as ‘They’.* Back then, when
the world/welt/veld/gwlâd/welât
was made of moving parts (see: production).

Now we (the three of us) invent alphabets
each day, with bone-point pens in the
generous plastic-dust. For old Times™’ sake.

Help us. We can’t help it.

*’They’ – indefinite descriptor for all political
and commercial enemies of the people

Cas tweets here (work). Her work website is here

featured image from Cas is taken from a 17th century book of tantric drawings of Maharastra, no copyright.

Alice Willitts: {n; a(t, u) {ral = [w]under


Alice Willitts graduated with Distinction from the Creative Writing Poetry MA at UEA in 2018 and was shortlisted with her creative partner for the Ivan Juritz Prize for their poetic essay in experimental fractal poetics ‘p0_EM Stein1’. Her poetry is concerned with personal and ecological losses and the limits of human intelli- gence as our species faces its own end. She is also writing for the Speculative Futures Collective (UEA), creating the ‘speculative nature writing of 2080’, due to be published in summer 2019 by Boilerhouse Press.

Twitter: @WillittsAlice @cwpoetics
Personal website:
Collaboration website:

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