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Two poems by Shaimaa Abdelkarim

Sometimes we run restless

We live present.
سلاما على من تطرقوا الموت وعادوا أطيافاً
We know it.
                   and in the rush,       we lament
fugitively                    against your
Today I saw ghost-ling trees
and they spoke so vividly through the fog
on roots    
            and groundings
The archons come
                     to                 claim  
but the roots are too stubborn that only water can go through
to ground
                                                                        our  re/turn 
to visions of living    far from us that      
                         claim our anger (we rejoice in anger)
and the feel-s of it rush too much
             like lavender or
          cardamom pods deep soaked in water…

                         We live present.
سلاما على من تطرقوا الموت وعادوا أطيافاً
We know it.
                   and in the rush,       we lament
fugitively                    against your
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Two poems by Audrey Lindemann

Glitch Sonnet

for 1 dollar I will hold your hand and for 2 dollars I will be your big fat snowflake. for 3 I will
mean mug your enemies and for 4 dollars I will be a good girl and for 5 I will sun burn. for 6
dollars I will middle part. for 7 dollars I will make you tingle. for 7 I’ll be a bad boy. for 7 I will
self destruct and for 7 dollars I will complete you. for 7
oh apple oh silk
oh pumice stone oh tweeze
oh bath
oh sex kitten
oh green sweater
oh the dribble oh the money
this meal this sheet
oh baby oh sugar baby dribble baby
oh apple yes sweater stone oh 7 dollar
tweeze baby oh

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This Place is Ours by Hazel Warren

We wandered the streets
Pointing out our childhood
Every detail that remains
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Chainsaw Demolition Waltz by Tara Lynn Hawk

You claim to make a new life

Then proceeded to backtrack

As you stay deep inside your edwardian

cottage of decay and old newspapers Continue reading “Chainsaw Demolition Waltz by Tara Lynn Hawk”

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