I woke up thinking of you,

and the word, Komorebi

Japanese, for the light

that filters through the trees


I woke up and thought of the sunshine I found

in your arms

in your eyes


Year 1.1


and the way it filtered

into my life, into my bones

despite the clouds

that filled my head


and I fall asleep

in the smell of your jumper,

pretending it isn’t winter

pretending you’re still here




Year 1.2


The boy who is beautiful.

He is kind and smiles often

with broad shoulders and a soft voice.

The right side of his face, it has

patches of red, that caress his skin

and i wonder if it’s

a birthmark, or a burn?

and i watch him

in his white shirt,

with the last button missing

and i think to myself,

the boy, he is beautiful.


Year 1.3


i feel like there is a house inside me

right beside the ocean

and the waves crash against the doors

and set my heart in motion

and sometimes at night the house is on fire

and sometimes at night it is breaking

and all the cracks and crevices, tumble down

inside me, inside, it’s shaking


Year 1.5


i feel like there is a mouse inside me

that scurries along my veins

it runs, and runs, ripping at my skin

and i bleed but ignore the pain

and sometimes the ocean knocks down all the doors

and sometimes it just drowns the mice

other times the house is up in smoke

and there i am, trapped, inside


Year 1.4


‘Year 1’ is a collection of photographs, taken with a phone camera, from my first year of university. Each represents a key, core experience in shaping my first year.

1.1 – The Oval Buildings: is a photo taken from my kitchen window, of the identical oval buildings in the village I lived in.

1.2 – The Smoking Throne: a.k.a an ash tray and an ensuite toilet

1.3. – Too Poor to Afford a Dryer: my clothes hung up on my curtain pole, learning to budget.

1.4: The Most Important Doors – my own, next to the girl that became my best friend.

1.5: The First: The student union, and the first club I was ever kicked out of for a cheeky tc (tactical chunder).

(September 2015 – June 2016)






Hi, my name is Shae Davies, I’m 19 and live in South East London half the time, and Leicester the other half. I want to create art, as much as, and in any way possible. I hope you like it.