First Class Stamp


Terence Stamp in ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’, that’s who I think of as the doctor pokes about my ancient lady bits. Terence Stamp in his cavalry outfit on a hillside, jacket red as rose hip. It’s a nicer picture, that, than the top of this doctor’s head, all mottled like the backs of my hands. No, it’s worse, more like the bottom of a teacup with the floaty bits left. He wants to be careful with that.

“Nearly done…”

I didn’t like the new one they did of that film – rubbish! You couldn’t’ve paid me to go see that, all these young actors. Give me Terence Stamp, poncing around with his sword, trying to impress Julie Christie. Terence Stamp on horseback. I bet Terence Stamp looks a lot better in stirrups than I do.

The doctor looks up at me from between my knees. He has the bluest eyes.







Nick Black’s stories have been published by various literary magazines including Jellyfish Review, (b)OINK zine, The Lonely Crowd, Spelk and Open Pen.  They’ve also won various flash contests and been listed for the 2015 and ’16 Bath Flash Fiction Awards.


featured photography by badpoem