Coach House Series by Paul Hawkins

cut-up text

medium: mixed media on found card

dimensions: various

date: 2016



















Paul Hawkins is a Bristol based poet/collaborator/artist. Hes had books published by Erbacce Press, KF&S Press, Influx Press & Team Trident Press (The Secret of Good Posture w/bruno neiva out in Oct). Portugese text artist/poet bruno neiva and Paul have an ongoing experimental collaboration under the guise of Servant Drone. Knives Forks & Spoons Press published a book of their work called Servant Drone in 2015. More of his work has been published in Dead King Mag, International Times, M58, Foxhole Volume 1, Red Pepper, The Morning Star, Queen Mobs Teahouse, Unofficial Britain, Fit To Work: Poets & Artists Against ATOS, amongst other sites, zines, journals and magazines.

Prints of his collage & experimental poetry from Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press) have been exhibited in Bournemouth, Bristol, Coventry & Sheffield.

Paul has performed at Womad, The Royal Opera House, The Shelley Theatre, The Bristol Poetry Festival, Bank Street Arts, The Horse Hospital, Speech Therapy, Bristol Sanctum, Stoke Newington Literary Festival, Gato Vadio in Porto & many other venues.

Contact Paul if youd like to suggest a collaboration, ask him to run a poetry workshop, read poetry at your launch/gig/festival/party/experimental car-park opening etc, write you a poem, be your poet-in-residence, give him money, buy books or ask any questions . . .

email: hesterglock at gmail dot com

website here