Five-Fold Symmetries


If I present myself to them

What of their measurement and their avoidance?

It is a survival, a learning to live

A pellicle thin as skin on black tea.

Few poets don’t wear the mask.


Part of her wanted nothing

She had long ago stopped trying to understand

It was always paradoxical and imprecise

Causing great difficulty


Then it was summer

Their posture and noise,

Mixed with other qualities as meditation, perfume

A boy in a red sweater, a bias-cut reality.


What if I said to you that it was your failures

That buckled into my truth.

You call this vestige passivity?


Some say the soul is made of wind with stooped shoulders

And we are a mere sigh.

I have the power to see in the distance

There is much more than what it seems.







liz zumin image

Liz Zumin is an artist whose practice stems from an interest in contagion, suggestion and imitation. Through visual metaphor and physical experience she explores the duel between the isolated individual and the shared awareness of the group, the forming of relations, and how affect is transmitted between bodies and becomes enacted at a neurological, chemical and anatomical level.