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Fibres of Elevate by Clare Archibald and Brian McHenry

Fibres of Elevate_1_preview.jpg

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Cross Fictions by Garett Strickland

Gustave Moreau, “Orpheus at the Tomb of Eurydice”

THE DESERT SAYS the father’s dead it’s a hole we’re standing on, a grain of death, the grain of His death white in the Son praised white the only time. Remembering money is the medicine the judge said others were to take, a dead brother slayne in stammering name of my father’s dark kentucky I made, the tally thrown down to create. Continue reading “Cross Fictions by Garett Strickland”

Collages by Alyssa Ciamp

Ancient Egress 1
Ancient Egress 2

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Poetry by Lisa L. Weber



I lie awake, my eyes fixed on the emptiness above,

searching for something in the shadows, Continue reading “Poetry by Lisa L. Weber”

3 Poems by Sara Matson



<nite out>

syringe brains
have their queen
of jazz //
“smells of rotted
he wailed into
velvet curtains, Continue reading “3 Poems by Sara Matson”

Crevice by Trina Young


Corinne shrunk herself to bird size, just hatched.

Cupped on a leaf, she floated down from a tree branch delicately. Her mind rocked back and forth, rocking the leaf back and forth. This was something she did sometimes when she needed to calm down, more relaxing than counting to ten. In her vision, a centipede dropped into the leaf, the comfort cut off completely. Continue reading “Crevice by Trina Young”

Images by Abbie Foxton

Voices in Artificial Light 

Voices 7

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Photos/poem by Kim Koga




[She clamps the eyes]

She clamps the eyes

one last

time and begins to pluck the


She keeps their necks tied

and gallops

alongside Continue reading “Photos/poem by Kim Koga”

A Pulser Sunsetting by Rebecca Grandsen


My father took me down to the stream and tore my denim dress. The sun tinkled on the water while I tasted it, all fish scales and mud. He stepped along the downy bank, between high scarlet grasses, broken from the wind. Eyes veined. His neck contorted with the strain of watching me float, tendons rigid. Continue reading “A Pulser Sunsetting by Rebecca Grandsen”

3 Poems by Jayme Russell


I am an amputated arm – trying to accept my body’s state of mind


after four hours of spasms

I went to work wearing your watch

thinking that it would hold me

closer to my body

no one noticed the ticking

I raised the mug to my mouth Continue reading “3 Poems by Jayme Russell”

from FREAKOPHONE WORLD by Madison McCartha


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The Sky Became the Perfect Colour and Back Again by Laura Ellen Joyce


Grace, he said, flickering her name. Grace, a staticky word chopped into the bottom of the sea. Soft, beery slither ran down her face from where he spat. The water came in waves and washed gold summer through her bones. He was above her again, his hair deep silk on her face. His voice was in and out below the waves. His tongue loose, wet, electric with hurt. A burned hum shuttered from his lips. Continue reading “The Sky Became the Perfect Colour and Back Again by Laura Ellen Joyce”

3 Poems by Clare Needham




Silent street, cinematic every time
a car, a motorcycle
someone in sharp

Every moment he could have
should have kissed her.

Couple sits in the living room,
floors below, speaks
of divine reassurance, Continue reading “3 Poems by Clare Needham”

3 Poems by Susan Richardson


Dead of Night Eyes

 I pace inside the grip of the clock,

glide across darkening patches of linoleum,

hunting for murmurs of isolation

as disease sneaks around the edges of my sight.

I pierce the quiet, spear- like and devilish.

My pulse taps against the delicate canvass Continue reading “3 Poems by Susan Richardson”

2 Poems by Bobbi Lurie


They Caught Me Giving Them Food

 they caught me giving them food so i had to stop doing it
some food which i knew they would find
otherwise it was the loudspeaker or something given me to read
they said we were the cause of war poverty hunger all their misfortunes Continue reading “2 Poems by Bobbi Lurie”

From ‘Notes on Not Sleeping’: Dream Catalogue III by Rachael de Moravia


the names of swords
(something) has its own subtext
sleepingmind torturing wakingbody Continue reading “From ‘Notes on Not Sleeping’: Dream Catalogue III by Rachael de Moravia”

3 Poems by Jessie Janeshek


The First Talkie

Long hair was always the prettiest.

            Select the star to supersede

            what was your zodiac sign

select me to say I’m home now

            home down in the woods in my pink and white dress

            w/ the blue bear sewn on it. Continue reading “3 Poems by Jessie Janeshek”

2 Poems by Jacob Schepers


[Ugly ground   swell moss]


Ugly ground    swell moss

finds you worth keeping

near     Ugly ground    swell moss knows

a face of you you cannot        Ugly ground

swell moss wants you all to itself      to cover

you until your surface area is its surface area Continue reading “2 Poems by Jacob Schepers”

Stalker by Mark Goodwin




black refraction beyond crucifix
will rail stretch surfaces’ sharp tensions?

grace-solid canal surfaces Continue reading “Stalker by Mark Goodwin”

I am still here by hiromi suzuki


I lost my words. I can not open the can. In the tin can, the golf balls are rolling and I lost my words. I can not open the can. In the tin can, the golf balls are rolling and murmuring. Each word takes apart inside the can and has no context already. Even though I can not pull them out, I am still here. Continue reading “I am still here by hiromi suzuki”

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