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James Knight

Words and pictures.

Owen Vince: after Brodsky

Head Disaster I and Head Disaster II – after Brodsky

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Waking Up, Breathing by Frank Garrett

Tone wakes in the middle of the night. A breath breathing on his neck. At first he assumes it’s Flint’s fitful breath. He must’ve joined Tone in bed, stretched across the arc of his back, his snout behind his head, his nose close to his ear. A grumblevoice. A shifting of weight.

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Artwork by Disgruntled Beast

Bloody Media
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Two poems by Melanie Kristeen

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Artwork by Falco Verholen

Weaker Sides fragment

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Three poems by Cat Woodward


the prick next door

makes sweet plum wine

and is good for you

same old shit

is a guest

but we regret to advise

are just like home except

fine without

the European Union

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Even loud by Petra Schulze-Wollgast

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Two poems by Georgi Gill

Becalming induces tedium which Philocteta would alleviate with consumerism

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A World With No Fear by Maria Brito

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Two visual poems by Imogen Reid: overprinted pages from Samuel Beckett’s Company

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Collages by Sophie Herxheimer

Index card collage poems

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O Tania Savich – Das Dasien ist rund (after Juan Luis Martinez, 1985) by Robert Frede Kenter

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we’re going to know in about two hours: six visual poems by Paul Hawkins

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An excerpt from Decomposing Robert and two collages by David Spittle

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Two dream places by Simon Woodward


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Forum by Bruno Neiva

Jenny Martins

Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these Ian hamilton finlay a visual primer I can

get now!

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Lisa Doran

cooool I am so happy xD

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In Tree Sky by Oliver Strand

Folds. Folding down

together in a group: sliding them around on the floor.

Tilting like a choking child (oneself), two splitting arcs,

two folds

on the inside. In back of. Value? Untouch,

untouch in tree sky, someone in tree sky, tree sky . . .

the internal color

bobs as I walk, flashes. I

pinched the flesh into a little wing.


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Gertrude Stein Speaks by Mare Leonard

a dirty word a dirty

bird a time to speak

to sacrifice fantasize do not

disguise or pretend do not decline poison

poison alas a dirty bird a dirty third

a vulture vulture defecates spits from his mouth

ties neat excrements with string repeats repeats

it is a need, no evil is wide, it is time for sweet

relief a hole inside a pot leaking leaking leaking

any decline is poison a no nonsense & no sense sense

it is time to end the first call dares there will be time &

boom in “What we call the beginning is often the end.”

And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where

we start from boom it in it is a need it is a need it is butter is *

*excerpts from T.S. Eliot And Gertrude Stein

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Autoi-biography by Dov Nelkin

I’ve been ignoring all calls since you began ignoring mine.

But “Voices” sang to me in the cacophony of critics that spend their day, my day, in my mind commenting on every thought or action I associate with my I. You, I associate with my id. (“’What id like to do to you’ would have been a better line,” one says, as another says “You’d never pull it off” and still another, “They’d assume ‘id’ is a typo.”) Perhaps the emergence of your smile draws out my words, but that information whispers too softly for me to hear over the cacophony. Continue reading “Autoi-biography by Dov Nelkin”

How To Fly by hiromi suzuki

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