Folds. Folding down

together in a group: sliding them around on the floor.

Tilting like a choking child (oneself), two splitting arcs,

two folds

on the inside. In back of. Value? Untouch,

untouch in tree sky, someone in tree sky, tree sky . . .

the internal color

bobs as I walk, flashes. I

pinched the flesh into a little wing.



Headline: “Young Knows

the Value of Veteran Leadership” center shifting to

position of edge would be edge shifting to center: near edge and the far edges, the edge between the opposite side and the bevel between the opposite side and the top, two bottom edges, wavering, shaking – how? – sliding – how? – across

three continuous

red and gold surfaces to the center, to the centers,

to the opposite sides? Rotating? Parting and folding,

greeted by name. Has to be so smooth and pale where the hand

“would have been upright to signal the delivery of” –

with – someone

with –

liked me for no reason, lowering the rag?


Faded green – fading – like yellow pigment. Above us? Can’t

take that form. Was meeting

the yellow surface at a single point (missing leather wings),

about to speak at the correct moment? Smooth

metal in

peripheral vision about to – “a sense of completeness.”

“A sense of completeness.” Arms can’t.

A leather wing missing from the chest. Very tall gold waist.

Already? Already?


“I know what you need” – no one could accept it. “We” could never accept a

sacrifice (I couldn’t). What

sacrifice? Asking for a sacrifice, telling. “I’m going to tell

myself/someone else to make a sacrifice with it (oneself).” With it. “I know what

to say.”

“I believe in you/myself.” “I’m telling the truth.” Is separate from itself, is hidden


being repeated. On or in/as the surface: the cutting edge, impression

of the cutting edge many times (non-illusionistic) and decay. Decay

where the cloak covers the right shoulder. What is underneath? Very slight

rigid lip, in both directions. Choosing

to repeat, possibility of rest. Joy, possibility of choosing to repeat. Can tell.


to repeat. Can tell. Once or twice (missing leather wings). In.


In/down to a straight line. Lowering the – choosing

to, force,

the straightening force occurred here. In the room. Brought in.

Lowering. Like a voice.

Lowering. Lowering in the room. Backs of

the bowls. One

side? From any position? Pile,

a pile. Necessary to pull from the sides?


North. Wallet.

South. Keys.

East. Phone.

West. Knife.


Oliver Strand is a visiting lecturer in Studio Foundation at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His poems have appeared in Poor Claudia, The Fanzine, Spoon River Poetry Review and The Brooklyn Review. 

Banner photograph by James Knight.