Becalming induces tedium which Philocteta would alleviate with consumerism


Everyone is an expert on M.S.


Georgi Gill is a poet and PhD researcher at the University of Edinburgh, exploring the role of poetry in dialogues about multiple sclerosis. Georgi is the editor of The Interpreter’s House magazine. She is also a member of 12, a group of female poets based in Scotland and occasionally performs with them. In 2018 she collaborated with the experimental composer Isabel Benito Gutierrez and visual artist, Èlia Navarro, on an audio-video installation called Dans Les Noirceurs. Currently Georgi is Poet-in-Residence at The Anatomical Museum in Edinburgh. She is terrible at meeting submission deadlines so is surprised and grateful that her work has been published in a wide selection of journals and anthologies. She tweets sporadically @georgi_gill.

Banner image by James Knight