Head Disaster I and Head Disaster II – after Brodsky


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Baltic Organ is an excerpt from a ‘disastrous’ “translation” of Joseph Brodsky’s A Part of Speech. Translation as in, a continuous failure of the act of translation. This is after his ‘writing the disaster’, where ‘the disaster has always already touched, inhabited, compromised, and ruined every worldly edifice predicated upon stability, totality, unity, and Oneness before it can even be founded.’ 

It’s a multiplicity of views and voices that cut into and around the original ‘text’ (which, too, is already failed and destructed). But maybe there’s something joyful here, in the fact of its existence, and in the fact that an attempt has been made to make sense and some kind of order out of it Idk, in the end.

– Owen Vince


Owen Vince is a writer and artist. His forthcoming book, with HVTN, is Umber – a fractured, disastrous reconstruction of a long-ago deleted novel.