Two Girlarium sonnets:

About Girlarium:

For September, I decided to continue a tradition I started last year of having a poem a day group on Twitter. Each night I give prompts for those in need of something to write and others just write something of their own inspiration. There are ten others and it’s a real thrill and inspiration to watch ideas come together in real time.

I love prompts so it’s an honor to give them out. One of the prompts I gave was a picture of an adolescent girl floating in a magnificent room. I inspired myself with this suggest and I wrote the title poem of this new project called Girlarium about a girl captured in a grand house in a room turned aquarium.

It’s only been a few days but the idea has grown a lot — even more than the four sonnets I’ve written suggest. My main character has gills and is being pursued by a CIA operative and is learning that biologically she may be in trouble.

The two sonnets above capture the first meeting between the gill girl and the CIA operative at her school pool. She will want to avoid the pool after this and quits the team but then she gets the text message sonnet explaining her needs to her.

The gill girl is afraid and knows she needs help but she is pretty sure that help should not come from this stranger with nationalistic plans. She’s will seek help from her marine biology teacher but it will be a wealthy stranger who lures into the safety of the Girlarium. Has she found herself in the deepest end of all?