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Owen Vince: after Brodsky

Head Disaster I and Head Disaster II – after Brodsky

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Waking Up, Breathing by Frank Garrett

Tone wakes in the middle of the night. A breath breathing on his neck. At first he assumes it’s Flint’s fitful breath. He must’ve joined Tone in bed, stretched across the arc of his back, his snout behind his head, his nose close to his ear. A grumblevoice. A shifting of weight.

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Artwork by Disgruntled Beast

Bloody Media
Traditional collage on paper using magazines and comics. Continue reading “Artwork by Disgruntled Beast”

Two poems by Melanie Kristeen

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Artwork by Falco Verholen

Weaker Sides fragment

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Three poems by Cat Woodward


the prick next door

makes sweet plum wine

and is good for you

same old shit

is a guest

but we regret to advise

are just like home except

fine without

the European Union

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Even loud by Petra Schulze-Wollgast

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Two poems by Georgi Gill

Becalming induces tedium which Philocteta would alleviate with consumerism

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Two visual poems by Imogen Reid: overprinted pages from Samuel Beckett’s Company

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