red-tailed hawk, I unfurl

my Refrains,

flexing towards the bend in the shadow



my beak


I grip, taste iron in my talons                  (trap set low)

my four offenses lining up the prey


ssshh              faint Repetitions threading through my vein,

 seven screams yet to violate


raw, I am

the single fault.







third is the mime’s conversation,

longing for a sightline


to petals stacked in the closet


and the hush winding through small hands

that breathe for the second promise


of roaming through rips in the sky,

cradling the flush, the climb


out of the first wound, the desert, silent blast

the burnt field





the bowing light


we only denied

you for a year


our palms knew the lost hush


we curved our bodies into conversations

with desire and demise


we were a house

with sinking beams

set apart from the chosen



before you screamed,

you flew








Cindy Savett is the author of Child in the Road (Parlor Press, 2007) and the chapbooks The Story of my Eyes (Dancing Girl Press, 2012),Battle for the Metal Kiss (H_ngm_n Books, 2011) and Rachel: In the Temporary Mist of Prayer (Big Game Books, 2007). Her poems can also be found in the anthology Challenges for the Delusional (Jane Street Press, 2012) and in LIT, Margie, Heliotrope, The Marlboro Review, 26 Magazine, Cutbank, and other print and online journals. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, she lives with her family on the outskirts of Philadelphia, where she leads poetry groups for psychiatric inpatients at several area hospitals.


‘We Disturb The Air’ – an interview with Cindy Savett