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lV + ll by Reza Pourdian and Callum Leckie

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Three Poems by D.C. Wojciech


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poem: UNTITLED 20


this smile is a jail cell

holding hostage 

centuries of laughter


sorry if i say the wrong things—

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Essay by Rosa Jones


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essay: Insipid / Intrepid


As the adventurous person talks on, I am struck by a sense that they are confident and unperturbed by minor setbacks. I find myself specifically interested in the banal logistics of what it means to be that way, more than being interested in their actual stories. I feel that there’s no way for me to think cleverly about what it means to live an interesting life, or what it means to be fluid and graceful as you move through the world.  Continue reading “Essay by Rosa Jones”

Short Story by Anna Walsh


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short story: Ruined Things Are Only Gorgeous When They Are Not Yours 


Driving along the motorway, the radio crackled. She wanted to trace something on the window, but couldn’t think what. She fiddled with buttons, found an old song they both liked and turned it up. She imagined she was going to Berlin, to meet girls wearing orange lipstick and boots, tall and forward in the chaos of other people.  Continue reading “Short Story by Anna Walsh”

A Poem by A.D Rusalka


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poem: nights 


the second gregarious girls come out to the streets 

the streets become a jamboree for alter egos and their debutantes 

to that sight the gods from above

dissolve into the opaque solar panache

soon after when the luminary man resigns 

entrusting Enkidu with an ordinary mission

to make a king believe he is the cause

of his own inhibitions  

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Two Poems by Matt Broaddus


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poem: “Socialism” is Currently the #1 Trending Word on


My brain ekes in the dark without 

a flashlight. Holding a banana to ward off 

scurvy and North Sea pirates. I live under

a wrecked ship’s hull. From the ceiling it rains 

rats. I eat them. First, we talk. In my telescope.

The Dey waves a silver hand. For the seraglio. 

For the Danes to send the goods. I will plunder.  Continue reading “Two Poems by Matt Broaddus”

Short story by James Cato


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short story: M80


I remember telling my parents that I was destined to get along with Bud Lykke, with that prosocial name of his, but I didn’t expect such a character. Each morning, he pours a bit of coffee into the hanging plants. After dinner he spends hours inside chunky headphones with “Binaural Beats” blaring, engineered to trigger dissociative states. He grew up in Appalachia, some obscure county in Ohio, and blames his ills on the heavy fracking around there, radioactivity in the drinking water. Continue reading “Short story by James Cato”

A Poem by Les Epstein


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poem: Isolation, Part 9: Coffee Filter Salvation


Clowning up as suburban bandits 

We three stumble into the empty park, 

Breathing through coffee filters 

Tucked away in cotton life-preservers 

And there we conduct a baseball season

Tossing, though never catching, 

A ball between the rising Violets and Chickweed.

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Short Story by Jennifer Brough


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story: The Somnambulist Party


The moon is full and bathing. Light laps each house in this quiet village, casting silver squares through windows with undrawn curtains.
In one such bedroom, a cat bathes too, pale fur illuminated against the floorboards. A clock chimes deep within the house and his eyes flash open. He stretches, unfurling his length, and leaps on the mistress’s bed, pawing at her cheek once, twice, waiting.  
The mistress is between dreams. Within them, a dark ocean crashes into itself. She is expecting an arrival in the foam but is uncertain what form it will take. A vast scattering of shells and flint line the shore but she can’t move quickly enough to search through the piles. When she moves her hands, they leave ghostly echoes of themselves. The sound of waves melts into chiming. It is almost the hour, she knows, and she hasn’t found a thing.  Continue reading “Short Story by Jennifer Brough”

Three Visual Poems by Shloka Shankar


title: Perfume




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Two Poems by Shaimaa Abdelkarim

shaimaa abdelkarim

photo by Shaimaa Abdelkarim



poem: Days in 


some days

i mostly wonder

when joy knocks 

would it smell like


a lily and jasmine musk perhaps 


i often ponder 

if joy is what today brings

let it come 

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Three Poems by S.L. Lim


Photo by Laurent Perren on Unsplash



poem: Bratislava 2016/ Sydney 2020


Where I’d like to be: a place with clean white sheets.

A hotel room, I’ve always loved them. View from the

window – not the ocean or anything, just trees

on a hill with some brutalist buildings and a pink and

orange sunset at rest behind. Luxurious.  

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Three Poems by Michele Mekel


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poem: The Crossroads


The Cailleach’s breath rattles through the barren branches of the standing talls,

as midnight’s moon casts a cold glance upon all below.


Bearing gifts of coin and confections, tipple and tapers, I come to the crossroads 

to petition and pray, as the witching hour draws near and the veil thin.

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