shaimaa abdelkarim

photo by Shaimaa Abdelkarim



poem: Days in 


some days

i mostly wonder

when joy knocks 

would it smell like


a lily and jasmine musk perhaps 


i often ponder 

if joy is what today brings

let it come 

not too late, 

                for the sun sleeps

not too early, 

       when birds serenade all heed 


just in time,

when I’m still 


with turmeric brewed


                my sunshine in a cup


let it be right by mid-day

when silence is vocal 

and i mostly wander  

the rest of to/day 





poem: a lullaby لويزة


up the dunes

goes the blues 


down the dunes 

hovering smooth


tummy sick 

sip and lick



honey brewed


calming through



a reverie 

for you and me.





Shaimaa Abdelkarim @shaimabdelkarim  is a PhD student mostly researching into resistance and idiosyncratic desires. She has some poems over Burning House Press and Silver Pinion. She is currently working on a guest-edited collection for Silver Pinion that will go online in May.