Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash



poem: nights 


the second gregarious girls come out to the streets 

the streets become a jamboree for alter egos and their debutantes 

to that sight the gods from above

dissolve into the opaque solar panache

soon after when the luminary man resigns 

entrusting Enkidu with an ordinary mission

to make a king believe he is the cause

of his own inhibitions  

the girls pray for a wiser partner in crime

one that won’t act up in their limelight 


the boys crave for a mother that will 

martyr for her child 


stripped of the final’s cut privilege 

the girls resist their sleepy eyes 

they were not made for 

circumventing walls vandalized with expensive lipsticks 

wearing high heels like a weapon 

now they know their soft feet are doomed for

a blistered future on the cobblestone 


that’s why when the manic pixie dream girls grow

the moon remains there to mind their rage





A.D is a third culture kid who is on the strenuous quest to reconcile her passion for travelling with her studying French and English at King’s College London. Huge fan of Charles Baudelaire and the New Sincerity movement, she is working on her first poetry collection.