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Gov’t Queries by Katherine DeCoste

During the purplest midnight the time comes to repurpose and scavenge the deepest recesses of the pancreas, sugar-processor and liquefier, mushy and shapeless, which is the least necessary of every twinkling lump of flesh under the round belly. This is major surgery.

A procedure is in order, to be followed precisely.

First, wetness settles: stretch in it, breathe it and swell up, an oversalted fish. Water is made up of many parts and layers: the sunlight, the twilight, and the midnight. The operation must be completed in the dim part where dust particles are zooplankton and speak with urgency to each visitor. Dust spins through air, little animals through water. Dust is silent, but the ocean buzzes and they wiggle their weak legs, incapable of standing.

Second, the endemic, veined skin is stickily plastered onto the inner red eyelids. Bodies are simple, paper-maiche collections of wallpaper. Outside, floral patterns. Inside, the abdominal organs all run together—root around until you find the one you’re removing. It’s easiest with closed eyes.

Third, the sea grows weary of pressing and pressure fades but darkness doesn’t.
Fourthly, the patient will grow distressed as you sever their energy-delivery-system. Explain it like this: I had the bends once and an angel appeared. She glowed brightly in the midnight zone. Said, “we’ve carbonated your bloodstream and these are not simple growing pains. There are impassable meters between you and the heavenly sphere spinning.” Around my finger she tied a white ribbon glowing green in her eerie radioactivity—it read, “eat me.”

Finally they will need to be sustained somehow—choke down sugared green Jell-O and butterscotch pudding cups. Only foods that wobble and can only be partially-chewed are acceptable. The fluorescent lights never fully go off in the hall. Force jittery insulin into their veins.


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Katherine DeCoste is a writer and undergraduate English student in Edmonton, Alberta. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Sybil Journal, Rag Queen Periodical, Structural Damage, and others. She likes to write about anxiety, dissociation, and decay. You can find her @katydecoste on Twitter and Instagram.

About the banner image: The operating room orderly, a 1-W, Voluntary Service worker, wheels a patient from the elevator to the operating room. VS workers in the Mennonite Hospital at La Junta, Colo., contribute much through their sacrificial service.

The Soul of a Man: A Meditation by Joseph Schreiber

Editor’s Note: New Library of Revised Classics Series

Get ready for the future: It is murder, Leonard Cohen sang in 1992. Nearly two decades into the twenty-first century and it is clear that his warning is an understatement. What refuge for the thinking person in the face of the End Times? The classics of the Western canon, of course. But who has the time to plunge the depths of literature in the Instagram era? The aim of the current project is to create a digestible, collectible library to inspire and comfort the spirit, stimulate and disorient the imagination.

Each volume in this tastefully appointed series is the product of judicious, computer-aided pruning, social media/graffiti-friendly quote selection, and apocalyptically-toned imagery. The inaugural Condensed and Illustrated for the End Times offerings will include classic works by Herodotus, Marcus Aurelius, Dante Alighieri, Teresa d’Avila, John Bunyan, and Voltaire. Available individually and by subscription, Spring 2019. Continue reading “The Soul of a Man: A Meditation by Joseph Schreiber”

Privacy Policy by Germán Sierra

This page informs you of my policies regarding the collection,
and disclosure
of Personal Information I receive.

I use your Personal Information only for mechanical purposes.
By existing, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy. Continue reading “Privacy Policy by Germán Sierra”

The Normality Hypothese by Sean Fraser

Normality is a supposition made by Academics. It is believed to exist in the Form of a Mould from which all Objects, metaphysical, or of matter, or based on occult practices, or by mechanical means, are derived; but for which no Mould can be understood, in that, the Form of the Mould remains unknown until an Object is taken from the Mould, yet, if no Mould is known, and cannot be found caused by the lack of a comparative Object produced from the Mould, any attempt or effort made to deconstruct that particular Mould, which remains unknown, from which those Objects were produced, impossible; thus, it was, therefore, incumbent on the Author to view Objects, metaphysical or occult or mechanical, previously produced in an effort to discover the existence of the Mould of the Form of the phenomena of Normality, which is, as has been surmised, Illusion. Continue reading “The Normality Hypothese by Sean Fraser”

Poor Magicks by Mike Kleine

Prophet of the Sixteenth—what happened over in Vietnam—the BMV of Mr. Monroe found at the bottom of the lake—seaweed that glows at night—waves of pollution—ordering an aperitif with no intent to stay—political turmoil—a concept that is foreign to everyone else in the room but Maurice—fringe benefits—a lawyer from the 90s—the maggots of Deh’N’yyii’l—a metal container overflowing with people—the position of the sun after he drinks the potion—the tusk of an elephant and your uncle who says, African steel—the sound of your heart as you climb the mountain—pastiche moments—Edward saying he is Edwardian—footrace in the middle of the forest with no shoes—snapping zir tibia to teach zir a lesson—valleys of the moon—squeezing the life out of that goldfish just to say you now know what that feels like—some blowtorches covered in Vaseline—a ridiculous amount of knowledge for someone who is only going to live to 53—cliffs at darq—she’s cutting her hand because the daemon said so—the blind man says he hears the waves of despair—there is a hill in Australia and they call it Vanity Hill.



Mike Kleine is a writer and avid player of tennis.

About the banner image: When a new furrow is to be started the derrick raises the plow and the car moves down the track with it to the point where the furrow is to start.

Notes for poems to be found in the desert by Tony Messenger

The poetry of the desert is sparse. To locate a poem in the desert you cannot just look, you must smell, touch, hear and taste your surroundings. Never attempt to write about the desert, the result will be too much like writing. These notes form clues as to finding poems in the desert. Whilst the notes may be extensive the poems themselves live a tenuous existence & are barely clinging to life.
Seek out the poems. Continue reading “Notes for poems to be found in the desert by Tony Messenger”

Farce Majeure by Voima Oy

In our ever-accelerating and ambiguous world, the force majeure clause, a standard provision in most legal agreements, becomes more important than ever. Here are three samples, courtesy of

1. Force Majeure. In no event shall the Trustee be responsible or liable for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, forces beyond its control, including, without limitation, strikes, work stoppages, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, civil or military disturbances, nuclear or natural catastrophes or acts of God, and interruptions, loss or malfunctions of utilities, communications or computer (software and hardware) services; it being understood that the Trustee shall use reasonable efforts which are consistent with accepted practices in the banking industry to resume performance as soon as practicable under the circumstances. Continue reading “Farce Majeure by Voima Oy”

Four Minor Modernists by Ryan Napier

Ayuko Fujii (1903–1926)

            Ayuko Fujii was born in Berlin; her father was an attaché at the Japanese embassy. She attended a francophone gymnasium, and by age fifteen, she was capable in five languages. Her passion was for English. “It is a funny, cozy language, full of misshapen words,” she wrote in her diary. “Any other language would be ashamed to own a word such as ‘dollop’ or ‘shrub.’ But not English—that is its genius.” Continue reading “Four Minor Modernists by Ryan Napier”

Shadows & Remnants by Jennifer Ramsey

shadow 5 resized Continue reading “Shadows & Remnants by Jennifer Ramsey”

Hundred Headless Woman 2 by Mike Corrao


Fig 01. Broken arms in the throne room, god of anthropométrie de l’époque bleue, god of act one to three. Continue reading “Hundred Headless Woman 2 by Mike Corrao”

Placename Triptych by Kelly Gangeness Le

After Cordovani’s guide

Bones. Bones. Stack on the clavicles. Bones. Bones.
Gift relic sacred base passageway base sacred relic gift.
Bones. Bones. Stack on the clavicles. Bones. Bones.
Vault coat spin ornamentation spin coat vault.
Bones. Bones. Stack on the clavicles. Bones. Bones.

Circular scythe scale
Cross wall central blades frontal
Floral wrapped thigh wings Continue reading “Placename Triptych by Kelly Gangeness Le”

Notation by Andrew Robert Hodgson

I seek only the gestures of a lonely ruthless
To resurrect if only for a day the marvellous
dressed corpse of my desire.
Larvae, moths, necrophors.
To perpetuate the cemetery,
to plaster you with sea-weed,
To open up a gap
and produce a breakdown.
Conroy Maddox – Poem, unpublished. 1941. (written on the cover of a blue notebook [2011?],
ink largely unsuccessful, reproduced here from pen nib pressure marks (by the thin paper, soft 5b pencil rapidly
shading back and forth over indentations method)) Continue reading “Notation by Andrew Robert Hodgson”

Goods & Services by James Knight

Marilyn Monroe Head Scarf™️, Marilyn Monroe Mascara™️, Marilyn Monroe Headphones™️, Marilyn Monroe Mind Control™️, Marilyn Monroe Minute Steak™️, Marilyn Monroe Particle Accelerator™️, Marilyn Monroe Smartphone™️, Marilyn Monroe Party Poppers™️, Marilyn Monroe Cigarettes™️, Marilyn Monroe Chocolate™️, Marilyn Monroe AK47™️, Marilyn Monroe Tablecloth™️, Marilyn Monroe Afterlife™️, Marilyn Monroe Messaging™️, Marilyn Monroe Dishwasher™️, Marilyn Monroe Telescope™️, Marilyn Monroe Atlas™️, Marilyn Monroe Shoehorn™️, Marilyn Monroe Funeral Services™️, Marilyn Monroe Beef Burger™️, Marilyn Monroe Lava Lamp™️, Marilyn Monroe Telepathic Implant™️, Marilyn Monroe Necromancy™️ Continue reading “Goods & Services by James Knight”

A Point, A Line by Kelly Krumrie

Anastasia was fed by a ghost, a thread. She put the thread into her mouth. The thread pulled taut, and its extremities formed points at her throat and fingertips. Theodota put the spools in her hand at night. She slid between the atoms in the wall, a vapor, and set them gently in Anastasia’s palm. Continue reading “A Point, A Line by Kelly Krumrie”

The New Atomist: A Selection from the Catalogue Raisonné of Anton Aubinov by Joshua Rothes


“In the end, I would like it to be said that I have been a silent conversationalist with the world, a patient interlocutor devoid of names and arguments, seeking and at odds with, always, the atomic.” — Anton Aubinov, 1998

For a while, he graced a footnote in a biography of Clyfford Still1, removed in subsequent editions, purged as too obscure, adding no value to the lay reader. He is heavily rumored to have been the young artist called a “pissant” by Barnett Newman in a story attached to but never actually recounted by Betty Parsons. He may or may not have been able to do hands.

The late painter Anton Aubinov remained near-hidden throughout his career, subsumed into the greater wave of late American abstraction. His lone New York exhibition, at a here-today-gone-tomorrow space in Chelsea in 1952, was thrown together to capitalize on the recent fame of Mark Rothko, who had displayed, for the first time, his multiforms the year before. As the story of Aubinov’s opening goes, the drywall on which his works were mounted had been improperly adhered to the concrete casing, and the collapse of one wall was the subject of much of the subsequent press. So it went, so frequently. Continue reading “The New Atomist: A Selection from the Catalogue Raisonné of Anton Aubinov by Joshua Rothes”

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