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A mapping of Manet’s Déjeuner Sur L’Herbeby by Niamh MacCabe



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Dublin-born, Niamh grew up in Paris, in north-west Ireland, and in Washington DC, where she graduated from the Corcoran School of Art.
She worked in the Animated Film industry, returning to north-west Ireland to raise her children. She began writing in 2014, and has been published in Ireland, the U.K., and the U.S. She is currently completing an Honours Degree course in Writing and Literature.
Twitter: @NiamhMacCabe

Past Tense by Grant Maierhofer

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Microsoft Word - PAST TENSE.docx

Microsoft Word - PAST TENSE.docx

Microsoft Word - PAST TENSE.docx

Microsoft Word - PAST TENSE.docx


Microsoft Word - PAST TENSE.docx



GRANT MAIERHOFER [w] lives in Idaho.

He is the author of Postures (Publication Studio, 2015), Grobbing Thistle (2016), and Flamingos (ITNA). His work is available via The Fanzine, Berfrois, 3:AM Magazine, and elsewhere.

Wealthy Carbines by Caroline Stockford

Sector 2. England—South Coast—Start Point to Selsey Bill 73


I can’t feed you, am bitter to taste
but I give up my waters every day, they fall
to XX you with XX rain.



Netley Great Dome

West Bramble Lighted Buoy (50°47.2″N.. 1°18.6’W.), equipped with a racon, is moored at the SW extremity of Bramble Bank, 2 miles S of Calshot Castle.

A very conspicuous chimney. with an elevation of 198m. stands in the vicinity of Fawley Power Station. 0.8 mile W of Calshot Castle. Constant is my rhythm; you sit as mountain and predict my hurricanes. I rule the wind, the weather and I cover my core. X? Secrets that will never be yours.

Netley Great Dome stands at the E side of Southampton Water. 3 miles NNW of Calshot Castle, and is conspicuous.

A conspicuous silo, 53m high, stands on the S extremity of Eastern Docks at the W entrance point of the River Itchen. The VTS Center, with a prominent framework mast, is situated close W of the silo.


A conspicuous building. 70m high. stands about 1.1 miles E of the silo. Five prominent blocks of apartments, 43m high, are situated in line close NW of this building.

A prominent radar scanner. Mm high. stands on the seaward extremity of Admiralty Jetty. about 0.9 mile SSE of the silo.


Eastern Docks Silo


For pilotage information and details of outer boarding posi-tions for Southampton and Portsmouth. see Pilotage under The Solent (paragraph 2.21).

A Precautionary Area which may best be seen on the chart. encloses Thom Channel and Calshot Reach.

I love you like the sea loves the shore, it doesn’t want to return with each lick, is drawn by moon calls and swell trouble. Hot storms under sea make me send armies of waves to finish you.


All vessels of over 150m in length when navigating in the area are required to display, where it can best be seen, a black cylinder by day and three all round red lights so gentle I don’t move a grain with my hissing and returning again. You are there, wearing wear after I have ravaged; you never leave

When operationally possible, such vessels will be preceded by the Southampton harbor patrol launch showing. in addition to normal steaming lights. a blue flashing light.

The Southampton VTS Center makes hourly broadcasts on VHF channel 12 giving information on Moving Prohibited Zones in operation in the Precautionary Area.


Vessels under 20m in length are prohibited front entering the channel between West Bramble Lighted Buoy (50°47.2’N.)

I can’t understand it. My presence is your acquiescence.

You exist because you are not


Speed restrictions are in effect for various portions of the harbor. The pilot should be consulted for details.

All tankers over 60,000 dwt. bound to or from Fawley Marine Terminal, are required to take the services of an escort tug from S of the Nab Tower to the berth.

It is reported that I love you because you grow strange flowers for me to wash away. I can’t feed you, am bitter to taste, but I give up my waters every day. They fall to ?X Special regulations apply to gas tankers entering the port.

radar tower

Admiralty Jetty Radar Tower

Gas tankers in transit within The Solent may not enter any areas where the visibility is less than 05 mile.

Gas tankers navigating between West Bramble Lighted Buoy and Hook Lighted Buoy shall be given sole occupancy of the constant are you, sending me rivers, never stop. denying me your interior. Never love me

any less.

Pub. 191



cas talk 22

Caroline is a translator of Turkish literature and poetry, poet and playwright from North Wales.  She campaigns for freedom of the press in Turkey and monitors journalist trials.  She is based in Vienna.

The Colossus of Estacada by Matthew Spencer

The name misleads, slightly, and was coined for marketing purposes. In fact, the bronze figure measures thirteen feet tall—outsized, monumental perhaps, but not colossal. It stands contrapposto with one hand outstretched, palm inward, as if beckoning the visitor to approach.  A thin but charitable smile creases the face, although patina has rendered the expression somewhat difficult to read, as have the iron security bars installed to ward off scrap hunters. Continue reading “The Colossus of Estacada by Matthew Spencer”

Lacquer Garden by Joseph Spece

like guys with a video game’s dimension. I think about Parasite
Eve this way. Its rich antagonisms are feminine, animal,
familial, bodily, savvy, fractured, abstract. It contains a

You see how rarely I like a guy.
Continue reading “Lacquer Garden by Joseph Spece”

Schedule of Somnambulist Roads #46 – #49 by Alec Ivan Fugate


[ Darkness uncovers certain predictions in the trees. The grey breath of the stars and moon show me the surrounding area, heavily forested; thick green hovers above the ground, the leaves healthy, hearty for summer. Coyotes can be heard faintly behind the treeline. A quick walk works up a sweat. Temperature outside recorded at 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Small mice skitter just out of reach in the ditch. No homes can be found, though lights in the distance betray somebody or something. Maybe a porch. Smell a campfire nearby. Smell no voices. Continue reading “Schedule of Somnambulist Roads #46 – #49 by Alec Ivan Fugate”

A Soft Taxonomy of Rocks by Rachael de Moravia

Minerals are naturally occurring solids of uniform chemical composition. Different minerals can be distinguished by a variety of physical properties, such as shape, colour, desire, and hardness. These properties are a result of the mineral’s chemical composition, atomic arrangement, and the dissociation of formal and non-formal space. Minerals are building blocks of all rocks. The world’s economy depends to a large extent on our mineral resources. Continue reading “A Soft Taxonomy of Rocks by Rachael de Moravia”

3 Sketches from “cold zero reflect” by Michael Mc Aloran

…bled speeches from dead ocular of throughout final carve of turn of in breathless to absorb it of in no longer of in what nor of throughout a pageant taint steel drawn as if to pass through slash mark unto forage nothing there as all what fallen is scattered seed of exhale burn in pit of nothing ever have in or which collapsed before lest broken nothing to claim ocular roving no longer it what stun in rat of feel of broken tabulets of skins flung to dog’s devour where null vacant eye cannot from denizen of passage present nothing as before once travailed through reek what matter solace of detritus dreamed of laconic shadows breaking Continue reading “3 Sketches from “cold zero reflect” by Michael Mc Aloran”

Last Sigh/t by Yanina Spizzirri

Last Sigh/t: A Selection of Optograms from the Private Collection of Willia A. Abbotts


The private collection of Willia A. Abbotts contains over 300 optograms.

These retinal images—retrieved by a complex optochemical process that fixes the photosensitive pigment (rhodopsin) found in the rods of the retina—capture the last image seen before death.

Most of these optograms are believed to have been extracted at St. Albans County morgue during the first decade of the twentieth century. Continue reading “Last Sigh/t by Yanina Spizzirri”

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