This is a collaborative effort by Kylie Supski (who provided the multiple exposure photograph, and the poem/text) & ReVerse Butcher (who provided the illustration/design).

Kylie Supski is a Polish-Australian poet, playwright, performer & photographer. She is greatly concerned with using art as a method of speaking out about social, economic and political inequality. Many of Kylie’s poems discuss her experiences as a transgender woman. In 2016 she was the winner of the Melbourne Spoken Word Prize. Her distinctive photography can be found at https://www.instagram.com/kylie.supski/

ReVerse Butcher is a multi-disciplinary artist with focuses in making unique artist’s books, collages, visual art, VR art in Tilt Brush, writing & performance. She will use any medium necessary to engage and subvert reality until it is less dull and oppressive. When she grows up she wants to be a well-read recluse. Her most recent release, “On the Rod, an Artists Book” can be found online at https://www.reversebutcher.com. She livestreams a mix of traditional & digital art regularly at https://twitch.tv/reversebutcher