After Cordovani’s guide

Bones. Bones. Stack on the clavicles. Bones. Bones.
Gift relic sacred base passageway base sacred relic gift.
Bones. Bones. Stack on the clavicles. Bones. Bones.
Vault coat spin ornamentation spin coat vault.
Bones. Bones. Stack on the clavicles. Bones. Bones.

Circular scythe scale
Cross wall central blades frontal
Floral wrapped thigh wings


After Modesti’s guide

Angelic pastel: enthroned hoop of the ancient,
virginal. Unlocked confession flaps;
sarcophagi play blocks lined with bows.
Wind up. Musical. Marble balloons dipped
hard candy framed with balance, floats on
slumber. Veined smallness. Wind up, musical.



—Clothesline circumference—museum is to dungeon as tool is to weapon. Display case equals wrenches plus cauldrons plus wooden birdcages of all sizes. Cat corner. 3 goats. 16 black sheep. Bat speak: small sickle, medium sickle, large sickle, extra large sickle curve. Taxidermy yield. Museum audio computes. Flock of saws and sledges.

Turkey crossing.


Bio photo 2018

Kelly Gangeness Le currently studies poetry at the University of New Orleans Creative
Writing MFA program. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Menacing Hedge,
Bye Bye Nite Magazine, and Ellipsis. Her poetry focuses on paradoxical aesthetics
concerning horror and humor, family and isolation. When visiting her hometown in Des
Moines, Iowa, she curates readings with mixed media at local venues.
Photo credit: Michael Watson

About the banner image: All specimens on pedestals with signs that say “Hands Off”, radiators and buckets of sand for fire protection nearby. Field Columbian Museum. 1895.