Pitchford _Tungsten 2





the light is



my incandescent affiliation

street lights emit orange

tungsten lights, bless

anoint the streets with orange haze, creates vignette

turns street in to theatre

under street light is under spotlight

glow from window illuminates intricate net-curtain-call

There is life inside, electricity

rows and rows of windows glow,

currents of electricity form circuit board called estate, village

street light snoot renders unsuspecting object still-life masterpiece

catchlight from car roof becomes moon-lit-fjord

until sun rise

garish day-time, floods night-time majesty


until sun set



Pitchford _Tungsten 3

Pitchford _Tungsten 1

Pitchford _Tungsten 5





Sophie Pitchford _author photo1


Sophie Pitchford is a photographer from the outskirts of Nottingham. She mainly takes photographs of her village and surrounding areas. She works as a part-time support worker and a part-time photography technician and is also co-founder of Hi Vis Press.