A Natural Tendency


some minds take pleasure in counterpoints

absently answering some deep call

they move in a hushed, ice-clear trance


and lucid, inescapable rhythms, low beneath

so to beseech them as full as for it 

the inexorable growth

the signal to a sacred plea…


a little later when the sky is black

tattered pieces of a masquerade,

together with a voice, clear and loud

resound in a hymn to the Healer


obliquity is all the rage

and all the things that are red

and all the things that are vain

and all the ones that continue to contend with one’s ideas







Christian Patracchini

Artist statement:

“As an artist I work across different art forms. Projects alternate between performances, audio pieces, text and visual projects. My practice is often concerned with the nexus between perception, action and conception. At the centre of many of my projects there is a fascination with how thought takes form and how movement can be felt before it actualizes.

In recent years I have worked collaboratively with performance artists, musicians and writers, showing in exhibitions and festivals in the UK and abroad, including the BIOS Festival in Athens 2009, the PAE Festival in Rotterdam 2010, the Colloquium Festival 2011 at School of Speech and Drama, The Dimanche Rouge (Paris) 2012, The Month of Performance Art (Berlin) 2013, Rich Mix (London) 2014 and Tempting Failure (Bristol) 2014, Writing Sound 2 (Bergen) 2014, most recently he has shown work at Café Oto (London) and at the Art Writing festival ‘WhereWereWe’ in Aarhus (Denmark).

In 2013 I founded Flows a series of events presenting a platform which aims at developing the text-action association for both emerging and established artists and writers.”