always.the.same.year (2020), 2048×2048, digital: Here our faces plunge into the endless vanity of social media until the bubbles stop. Our digital selves/saviors are the ones bleeding sanity from our tarnished skin.
trust.fall (2020), 2048×2048, digital: We collapse and sink. We sink into withered arms; into the jaundiced limbs of co-workers we’ve learnt to tolerate. They embrace us, make sure we never leave.
wfh (2020), 2048×2048, digital: We sink into our ergonomically designed desk chairs and prepare ourselves for a lifetime of submission. We wipe stale yogurt from our cracking lips and dip our spoons back into the empty crate. 

Mark Wilson is a Chicago based visual artist driven by the same crippling monotony experienced while watching a piss soaked snow mound melt into the pavement at a strip mall parking lot in Northern Indiana. His art focuses on the passive consumption of content as we lose all memories into the blue light. He strives to be the mouse cursor guided by your limp hand as you click an indistinguishable calendar reminder at a job you hate and take another gulp of stale bath water while your spine collapses another few centimetres into an ergonomically designed chair. Create nothing. Consume everything.  Follow him on twitter: @toadswiback
You can find more of his work at