Interior Cinema

the planar grid shuffled

the mimesis of negative suns

muted mirrors cycled through

virulent shades of gold mauve topaz

the containment of varicose violins

an orchestra of liminal matrices

cephalic volumes of distant discernment

the spatial architecture of sound

compressed night-core

vacuums of the limiter-wave


amanita muscaria var. guessowii

through intense inner phantoms

through abstracted volumes of Neo-Platonic acumen

through the Zuckerbergian VR headsets

and hazy oceanic embrace

angels glitch and spectral zones unfold

through the genetic restoration

the length of shadows

a rain of pentacles

subtracted the thundering diamond

through the multiplication of swords

the stuttering echo

of arcane philology

the shamanism masked

a deeper pain

relating to a history of pain

giga-phantoms from the nether-wave

folded over from other airs

from higher up

in the neural framework

dynamic thrust of the phantasm

graced the aerial view

of projected cinemas

flickering dust

Litany of the Malefic Lodestone

a stone in the sky

fell out of

the iron grace

of rusty pentacles

supreme shadows


to dense airs

collapsing framework

reality decoded

through the clown world folly

fragmentary air

and absolute sun

stealth technologies

and black triangular

aircraft hovering

in a moonlit sky

the blue chrome simulator-wave

entered into the sensory sphere

orchestral airs feigned

the radiance

and phase transition

of spin echo resonance


the arc of a circle

drained of abstraction

flattened mottled core

of the granular ring

modulated global ether-wave

the inertia of a central ore

oxidized silence

drifting in the arc

as an owl soaring

through chambers of ice

it is the ghost that thinks

that brings memory to sound

sliding into memory

to create new memories

and an ambience of mythic science

out of the second attention

and into the projectionist’s booth

a showcase of the real

human nerve aura

the world’s fibers

siphoned through the eggshell contour

Chris Moran is the author of GHOSTLORD (Solar Luxuriance). He lives in Ohio where he records electronic ambient music under the name Boring Dream

Photo by Sajedeh Elhami, Courtesy of the Artist