[‘\n”an imperturbably functioning chronometer telling the time on another world, full of beginnings without ends, of initiations, of losses, of transformations and translations snares and delusions space ships that get stuck, missions that fail, and people who don\’t understand”  ‘(:ie u\n’  )L3,\nGnshe had thought of reinventing English according to a new plan, in order to tell a different story. hero, n Woolf\’s dictionary, is “bottle. I now propose the bottle as hero. they owned it, they liked it;” 2(ieG  ) L ,:u\nn’\n”the area that contains what is sacred the narrative conceived as carrier baglbellylboxl I house/medicine bundle, may be seen as necessary elements of a whole ! which itself cannot be characterized either as conflict or as harmon/\’ since ! its purpose is neither resolution nor stasis but continuing process” e uL ()iG3:n’, ‘\n”It is a strange realism, but it is a strange reality., this belly of the universe Sti l l there are seeds to be gathered, and room in the bag of i: ra4unLt e )s\n(Gs’, [‘\nthe way that the feeling entity is affected, or changed, is the very content of what it feels. Everything that happens in the universe is thus in some sense an episode of feeling: even the \’actual occasions in socalled \’empty space\’\’ discovered by renmdo physics ():37\n ‘, matter is never entirely passive and inert, for it always contains incipient structures. Matter already contains distributions of energy, and potentials for being shaped in particular directions or ways, ao custo de se perder o tato, o grito, em meio as multitudes, aquilo que lhe cercava trazia algo do adverso desses encontros desdobrarem-se desde outros cantos, enquanto ruido, ressona, expressão, de vocalidades, manualidades outras, ,em meio a tempos indistintos, imemoriais apesar de não restarem rastros, mas cruzes, , ‘”agaile Fylwesn points from place to place; gianefledn  inherits from the past and projects toward the future. Through the process of nie\nfegl, different points in space “are united in the solidarity of one common world thsk n Every \’present\’ moment forcibly \’inherits,\’ and thereby repeats, what came before. establish a difference by referring elsewhere and elsewhen, to other stretches of space and other periods of time.” evocation of intensities”\n:  (\6.581)0(‘, ‘”Something will always be missing, or left out.” 6-67 \n,\'”\n)\n(6\”it feels the data” naad tfatigcst every entity also selects among, shapes, and alters these data, until it reaches a final determination.”, ‘modes of \’experience\’ that are not conscious, and not necessarily human.” 7), :6( ‘, l e brdeh:e le nu oetnsien7rt ov\’rstt  ltoneimh n\n ovdm pmena(htit\nnss\n,acsteoyt8iefeeyaau ,i e tmretf it is able to translate itself, by a process of “transduction,” into one or another material. That is to say, form is energetic: it works by a series of transformations that transmit energy, and thereby “inform” matter, affecting it or modulating it in a process of exchange and communication. space and time are the media of a flexible, always-varying modulation, whereas the rosgaeietC are the principles of a rigid and always identical molding 7,7″.((\n4no\’\no0dm):i\n\’21 \n” )0S,8n  5In the vector, time has a direction: the arrow of time is always moving from the already determined to the not-yet-determined and the to-bedetermined. e\nw38sdhhcot;h  1 ii to subsequent entities feel it in their own ways.” \n):(\n8\n0’, ‘\n”woul d come staggering back with a story and then l.found.another patch”:Lu) Ge1n(i\n ‘]]


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Rafael Lima is a Social Scientist, based on Brasília, Brazil. Researches cut up’s methods over encoded surfaces.

Painting by Nastaran Soleimani, Courtesy of the Artist