Satin bower birds, eyeing their options,
Want to peck the colour from the sky,
Preen their plumage with it, and arrange it
In their bowers to attract the perfect mate.

Pebbles, in myriad polished forms and hues,
Esteem the things that grow, and debate
Which green might best be hidden in their hearts.

Tonight, sunset tries out golden landscapes
In the air – magic places to explore,
If bower birds had time to fly so far.

Meanwhile the rivers take into themselves
All the colours of the world, mould sinuous
Forms round rocks they’ve gathered deep below, and
Flow unstinting to an end they cannot see.




Brian Walters is a Melbourne barrister. He has been writing and performing his poetry for many years. His first poetry collection, Angels, like laundry, was published by Make Books Australia in 2019, and was launched by Mark Tredinnick. Several of his poems have been set in musical compositions.

Cover Photo Credit: Kylie Supski