A note from Shloka and Robin:

For the diptych poem,”faltering hours,” we each began by making two remixed poems, selecting words from Samuel Beckett’s Happy DaysWe each then made a third poem, which was a remix of the words from our first two poems. We then swapped poems and each made an erasure of the other’s poem. “Hours,” in full, was written by Shloka and its erasure created by Robin. “faltering,” in full, was written by Robin and its erasure created by Shloka.

The artwork was created digitally (2019).


Shloka Shankar is a freelance writer and visual artist from Bangalore, India. She loves experimenting with Japanese short-forms and found poetry alike. A Best of the Net nominee, her poems have most recently appeared in Tiny SpoonPoetry WTF?!, the other bunny, UnLost Journal, and so on. Shloka is the founding editor of Sonic Boom and its imprint, Yavanika Press.     

Robin Anna Smith (she/her/Mx) is an award-winning writer and artist. She is the Founding and Chief Editor for Human/Kind Journal, a journal of topical and contemporary Japanese short-forms and art, and an Associate Editor at Yavanika Press. She is more of a cats, dogs, and unicorns person than a people person.