animal sacrifice food spells

they’d rather see you dead so die to them

pervasive undefinable dream 

i too was fooled by the packaging 

though aligned with ancient ways

animal sacrifice food spells

always the threat of him 

dimmed my light 

addiction like a cloud from above 

such wretched things signified as love 

ensues as it did to me

though moon and trees still spoke soft

the right ear insistent and 

every room brightened when he left 

tattletale pale prickly putrid ways

power of fakery arming to betray 

packaged like a prize he thinks he is

fooling no one as i always had to

freeze in the pretense pretending evil was not 

this spell this realm

the center of his throne alone i felt this 

astonished rejected poisoned lied to 

stained stupor mood changer 

ugly man evil deed

destroys everything he grabs 

then lies about

a scab 

one endangers one’s self trying to

pick at it is someone forever a stain

an ugly stain hung over your life

potion 5 a.m. spell – nothing but fear sweating the temporal

among particles of annihilation 

creation attempt of death 

the goal is to see yourself as a tiny object drowning in an ocean of bliss 

saying “i am this” 

your assignment to pretend you aren’t really here 

on planet earth

to place infinitesimal thoughts -7

regrets are the reason for death 

potion mixed with garlic onions sea salt with plastic toxicity 

do not seek consolation from creatures all meet death

make space around the heart 

to breathe 

something like a life    – 6

the hex can be broken with either 

the lemon cure

  or the saltwater cure or 

the angel cure or 

the selenite and white sage cure 

or the rose overdose cure 

five cures in all you must choose – 7 

i myself plan to burn my body 

or a version of burning ahead of time 

rather than fade away more each day as i do

my desire to disappear from here allow my

plan to put the ashes in an urn beside the front door 

life has made me emptier always victim of a ghost – 6

the hex of death

victim of human sheep

life only repeats it-

self a lion is needed to die 

to this dream

and be free of it all

the need is only to see – 7

yourself as a tiny object 

drowning in an ocean of bliss 

saying “i am this” 

is your assignment to pretend 

you aren’t really here 

on planet earth – 6

 to say “whatever they say 

is worth it never is” 

see how it was a lie from the start 

you always knew the truth the 

prophetic distance desired not to be 

taken by a spell cursed on you i cast i banish you 

mechanical body covers but cannot protect this is your hex – 7

isolation in illness a need to reach the root of loneliness

my neighbors put a hex on me. put a hex on me for the death of my friend who also saw me as a friend and was visiting me then tripped on some liquid crystal i was manufacturing for the dispensary of need i bleed the truth abuse must end. i stopped trying to end the hex though i heard roses can get rid of it. they say by soaking in one-forth cup rose water and the petals of twelve white roses for forty minutes followed by four drops of rose flower essence under your tongue for twenty eight days straight, day and night, day after day, they say it might be cured. i know i sound crazy not to take the remedy. but i’m tired of trying-failing. and being tired of trying-failing will make the hex worse for everyone is trying to be other than what they seem to be and wanting to change but anyway, my neighbors are not my kind of people nor is anyone else so i rarely go out. i rarely see skin close enough to see wrinkles and pores, except for my own when looking in the mirror. the mirror tends to be clear in solitude with or without a hex, doesn’t it?

Bio: Bobbi Lurie is the author of four poetry collections, most recently “the morphine poems” and is currently working on a book about / with Marcel Duchamp. @BobbiLurie 

Image: laurajodiehex