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Bobbi Lurie

Artwork by Bobbi Lurie

many eyes altered state

M.R.I., 2019
Drawing on paper

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“… please let him hate you too … ” by Bobbi Lurie

“So you still think you can do it?

So tell me, what did he eat today?

And how much does he weigh?

And how long will he remain a minor?

And you actually believe him?

Stop the talk about his future. We’re talking life or death here. I’ll give you a day to think about it. But that’s it. I can’t give you anymore time than that.

It hardly matters. In New Mexico kids are given most of their rights at fourteen.

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Three Poems by Bobbi Lurie

animal sacrifice food spells

they’d rather see you dead so die to them

pervasive undefinable dream 

i too was fooled by the packaging 

though aligned with ancient ways

animal sacrifice food spells

always the threat of him 

dimmed my light 

addiction like a cloud from above 

such wretched things signified as love 

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1. Lucidity At The Edge Of The Abyss 2. Afterlife Of Battered – Bobbi Lurie

Lucidity At The Edge Of The Abyss

his father brought him to me in his arms and i said
“forget those doctors my friend take this clay in your hand and your hand
will move again”
and it did (his hand did move again) (doctors said there was no chance) (what force gave me the nerve to say)(same force that gives me this day cancer leaping through this body as it is all laws pale to insignificance)
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